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Guided Hikes/Tours

Whether you enjoy taking a real hike or just walking around, this is a great way to enjoy our beautiful and diverse natural environment and ocean views.

Cathy Boden, author of the definitive local hiking guide, can take you on a personalized hiking tour while discussing the native plants, animals, basic geology, points of interest, local lore and history - Native American and contemporary - of this fascinating area.

Entertaining and informative, these guided hikes are personalized to your interests and allow you to choose from a number of different locales, with various degrees of difficulty and length. There is even an option that is wheelchair accessible.


Let us know as early as possible if you would like to schedule a hike. Be sure to specify the hike you want (described below) and your preference for time and date - with an option or two if possible. If Cathy is unavailable, she will try to arrange for one of her knowledgable associates to handle your hike, and we'il ask if that is ok with you.

We will give you a map, showing where you're to meet Cathy. She will direct you after that and may need you to drive her to a different spot during the hike, as well as return her to your meeting place.

$36/hour. We ask you to be responsible for 1/2 the fee if you cancel less than a week from the date of the hike, 100% within 48 hours.

Difficulty is rated by shoes: one shoe – short, fairly level walking; two shoes – moderate length, some elevation gain and loss; three shoes – longer walk with steep grades at times; four shoes – demanding, you should be in good shape.

Photo Cathy Boden overlooking river
Cathy Boden

For body and soul

Day trips
Guided Hikes
Ocean Tours
Wineries & wine tasting
Whale watching
Horseback riding
Jet boats & rafting on the Rogue
Kayaking, windsurfing
& kiteboarding

In-town Hikes

Port Orford Heads & Tseriadun Park
Length: 2 hours

Difficulty: one shoe, short, fairly level, well groomed trails

Description: Walk the 1-mile loop trails at Port Orford Heads State Park, then drive down to Tseriadun State Park and walk out to the beach near a large sea stack.

Special Interest:
Views from the cliff top of expansive ocean south to Humbug & Cape Sebastian, north to Garrison Lake and Cape Blanco
Native American History
Local & Coast Guard History
Museum & Historical Coast Guard Boat Exhibit
Plants, trees, flowers & mushrooms (in season)
Birds – possible peregrine falcon sightings, along with hawks, gulls, etc
Animals – deer, seals, whales, and a great ant hill
Beach access at Tseriadun

Garrison Lake Loop
Length: 4 hours

Difficulty: three shoes, paved roads and beach walking

Description: Starting at Tseriadun State Park, visit the boat dock at Garrison Lake and then wander through Port Orford neighborhoods, passing many wetlands, out to the beach at Paradise Point. Then, walk a narrow strip of beach between Garrison Lake and the ocean.

Special Interest:
Tseriadun State Park & town of Port Orford
Wetlands, lakes, and ocean
Native American and local history

Dock & Beach Walk 

Length:2 hours

Difficulty: two shoes, slight hill, some sand walking, otherwise level

Description: Walk the dolly dock among the Port Orford fishing vessels, and if the timing is right, watch boats being hoisted from ocean to old growth boat trailer (or visa versa). Or watch their daily catch is being lifted out of the boats onto the dock. If we are really lucky, we can stand on the dock and watch whales spout just off the rocks. Then, walk up Dock Road over to Battle Rock Park and down to the beach, and walk as far as you want, or go to Hubbard’s Creek or all the way to Rocky Point.

Special Interest:
Fishing boats, boat hoist, seafood
Ocean views, whales, birds
Close to shore sea stacks
Native American and local history

Nearby Hikes

Humbug’s Old Coast Hwy

Length: 2 – 4 hours

Difficulty: one - two shoes depending on length

Description: Hike one way, or retrace back to the start. Walk along the old highway grade within Humbug State Park. This wide, primitively paved “trail” is great for conversation while walking. The walk is up a slight grade among the alders of a riparian area. Identification signs make learning local ferns easy. Cascading creeks, an old wooden water tank, and then stunning views of the ocean and nearby Humbug Mountain will top off the hike.

Special Interest:
Historic old Hwy 101
Mostly paved, easy walking, wheel chair accessible (moderately advanced)
Ocean views to ocean islands
Fern identification

Humbug Mountain
Length: 4 – 5 hours

Difficulty: four shoes! Steep uphill, and then steep downhill

Description: This is a great workout hike. The trail starts out steep and then mellows, but continues to climb to the 1,761 foot summit straight from sea level. The trail splits to a loop part of the way up: One side gives you views north to Port Orford, while the other loop, a cascading creek high up on the mountain. Views from the top to the south are limited by trees. But a wonderful meadow to eat your snack is waiting at the top. Six miles round trip.

Special Interest:
Highest mountain on Oregon coast that comes straight out of the sea
Coast forest with old growth
High mountain streams
Plants, trees, flowers in season

Cape Blanco
Length: 2 hours to all day

Difficulty: one shoe, two shoes, or three shoes, depending on length and route

Description: Hike around the bluffs of the most westerly point on the Oregon coast. The trails meander through large spruce forests, along the Blanco clay bluffs, nearby the Cape Blanco Lighthouse, beaches south to Elk River, or north to Sixes River Estuary. An old, historic turn of-the-century house (Hughes House)sits on the banks above the Sixes. A medium-length hike could be about 4 miles.

Special Interest:
Spectacular views, both to the north and south
Hughes House (historical house & grave yard)
Spruce forests, wind sculpted vegetation; flowers & mushrooms (in season)
Shorter hike would include hiking along bluffs (level, well- groomed trails)
Longer hike could include Sixes River Estuary walk, and a beach walk as well as the bluff trails (one big hill, sand walking, and otherwise level, mostly on trail)



Elk River Road
Length: 2 – 4 hours

Difficulty: one shoe

Description: Parking at the hatchery walk the road upstream into a very pristine coastal river environment. The walk is level and paved with little traffic. Look look down into the turquoise waters of the Elk River, home of the mighty steelhead and salmon. Side creeks cut wooded canyons with cascading water within view on our walk. In December the salmon can be seen spawning in these crystal clear waters. Grassy Knob Wilderness lines the river on its opposite bank. A tranquil place for a walk.

Special Interest:
Premier coastal river walk
Turquoise pools of a healthy salmon stream
Side streams with waterfalls
Riparian ecology
Salmon life cycle
Plants, trees, flowers
In summer, temperatures are usually higher than at the coast

Blacklock Point
Length: All day

Difficulty: two shoes (trail can be VERY wet in rainy season). Three shoe option to hike through to Floras Lake with car shuttle

Description: The point just north of Cape Blanco is home to a little known state park with miles of trails. This was the site of an old community that mined the Blacklock sandstone quarry. Now the roads have overgrown, and the one remaining is the trail. A side trail takes you out to the very point of Blacklock with stunning views of the ocean. Following the trail south takes you along some amazing sandstone bluffs above the ocean. High tide crashes against the cliffs and we have watched the bluffs erode over the years. The forest here has such a harsh existence that the trees have been dwarfed into a Pygmy type forest.

Special Interest:
Spectacular views of ocean south to Cape Blanco, north to Floras Lake
Mostly forest & bluff top trails, beach walk is possible
Incredible sandstone bluffs
Pygmy Coastal Forest & bogs
Plants & mushrooms (in season)

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