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This is the heart of WildSpring. The open-air slate hot tub/spa overlooking the ocean. It is in a glade surrounded by 80-100 ft trees, at the end of the sculpture garden down from the Guest Hall.

Large and comfortable, it's four ft deep in the center and holds approx 1,000 gallons. And, it's built enough above ground to enable you to sit and watch the ocean while soaking up to your chin in steaming water.

Next to it is a small covered gazebo where you can hang your robes and towels out of the weather.

We keep it at 103 most of the year - 104 in the winter. It uses bromine instead of chlorine, which is much easier on the skin.

And, it is available all year round: From Memorial Day Weekend through Oct, from 9am to 10:30pm. But in order to keep it open during the winter months, we need to manage the energy costs of an open-air spa of this size; so it's available from 3 to 9:30pm Nov 1 until Memorial Day weekend.

As an energy-sensitive facility, we try to heat it only when guests are more likely to use it – normally from 7:30pm to 9:30pm/10:30pm at night. However, we are happy to turn it on anytime during its operating hours. Just let us know. In case you’re the only cabin staying here, please let us know if you do not intend to use it (though that would be a's really amazing...).

WildSpring has partnered with TerraPass to offset our carbon emissions for a zero carbon footprint, and to support programs helping other organizations do the same.

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WildSpring is an eco-friendly, environmentally sensitive facility
and we invite our guests to honor and protect
this lovely land with us.

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