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The Red Chair was here!

The Red Chair was an honored guest of WildSpring Guest Habitat. We squired it around town to see the gorgeous sites on the westernmost edge of the 48 states. In its inimitable fashion, it will no doubt make its presence known everywhere it goes.



Welcome to the Red Chair Travels, the story of one humble Red Chair as it journeys all across America hosted by the friendly innkeepers of our nation's B&B's. This journey started in 2011 on Cape Cod, and continues as the chair moves from one inn to the next as a treasured guest and new American icon.

At each stop, the Red Chair is introduced to all that is memorable and beautiful about the local area, with a B&B owner as the chair's concierge. To read more...

Red arrived February 2. Here are a few photos of our celebrity as he toured WildSpring and Port Orford. Winter had returned, after a warm sunny week, but the rain and mist let up from time so Red could admire the view and we could get some nice shots.


Red gazes fondly at the blue wood boat at the entrance to Port Orford. Photo by Randy Schoten.

Red arrives on a rainy afternoon, while a helpful staff chair
holds an umbrella for it.

Red braves a winter storm and admires a tide pool. Photo by Randy Scholten

Red decides to brave the crashing surf and see the waves crashing on Port Orford's jetty early this morning. Randy Scholten is our intrepid photographer.

Red saw the storm leaving and couldn't resist taking a good look at Port Orford's famous dolly dock port
(on the right), where giant cranes lift our fishing boats into and out of the water. Red was very impressed.
We think the seagull was flirting shamlessly. Randy does it again.

Red looking north to Port Orford Reef rocks and Cape Blanco. You can see the seagull followed Red
and is looking very hopeful... Photo by Randy Scholten.

Red got up very early to admire a Port Orford sunrise almost as colorful as he is.
Photo by Randy Scholten.

Red wanted to see our famous Cape Blanco Lighthouse, the most westerly in the 48 states. He loves a show-off. Photo by Randy Scholten.

After checking out the lighthouse, Red hike around and cape and admires the view south to
Port Orford. The bird has found him...true love. Photo by Randy Scholten.

Red wanted to try canoeing on Lake Garrison. Thanks to Randy.

Red's last sunset in Port Orford. (The seagull is right off camera...) Thanks, Randy

Red wanted to spend some time in our lovely walking labyrinth before he left. Photo by Randy Scholten.

His last morning here, Red sat on the deck with some old friends of his and admired the view. Photo by Randy Scholten.

And, the last thing Red wanted to do before leaving WildSpring was to spend some alone time by our open-air spa.

Red left for the Touvelle House Bed and Breakfast in Jacksonville, Oregon, on Feb 12 as he continues his tour of Oregon, thanks to the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild and

We're certain the seagull will find him there.

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