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Comfort & Service
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Guest Comfort, Naturally

We do everything we can to offer a clean, natural, hypoallergenic environment for our guests' comfort and well being. We want nothing to interfere with our natively clear air here at the edge of the 48 states.

All our linens are 100% cotton, and our laundry products are all natural, scent-free and pH-neutral. Even our softener is natural, scent-free, soy-based.

We have both feather and hypoallergenic pillows in the cabins and a hypoallergenic, down-substitute duvet; we can remove the feather pillows if you prefer.

Our mattresses do not have fire retardent on them. The non-pillar candles are scent-free soy, the pillar candles are scent-free. Our guest amenities are also natural, biodegradable, with the lightest natural scents available.

Our cleaning products are natural, scent-free and pH-neutral. The only exception is Comet with bleach in the toilet bowl.

Each year in the winter, we have the rugs and all the upholstery professionally deep steam cleaned, including pillows and throws, using a special toxic/hazard-free treatment that leaves no residue (and is safe enough to be ingested). And we recently repainted the cabins, using Benjamin Moore Natura VOC-free paint.

We ask our guests to please avoid perfumes, colognes and incense so the cabin will smell as fresh for the next guest. The masseuses even use scent-free oils.

And, our landscaping uses no artificial chemicals, no chemical insecticides, nor fertilizers. (Note: we are in a second-growth forest of 100-ft trees on the Oregon coast, which gets a lot of rain. We have done everything we can to ensure a clean, natural environment, but if you do not enjoy the scent of what is essentially a rainforest, you would probably prefer a different place.)

We want you to enjoy yourself...naturally.

Photo of purple rhodedendrons in WildSpring forest

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Even the floors get in the act

Our cabins and Guest Hall are heated by radiant-heated floors.  This was decided early in our development as a key guest comfort issue. There are no furnaces to blow hot, dry air filled with dust and allergens. Radiant heating is quiet, with no fans to turn off and on in the still of the night. And, it takes the chill off the tile floors in the bathrooms and showers - and, more importantly on the Oregon coast, no mold or mildew in the showers.

There are some tradeoffs with all the benefits, though. Each cabin has a very large, and very fast water heater that provides the hot water for the showers and sink, and that heats the tubing running through the floors. The cabins are set to what feels like 70 - 71 degrees, even though the wall thermostat only reads 68 (a strange quirk of this system). We schedule the hot water feed to the floors turned off from 7:30 - 9:30am to ensure all the hot water is available for morning showers. In the evening, this is less of an issue because it takes much less to keep the cabins at an appropriate temperature. However, when a guest checks in, sees the thermostat and assumes that's the real room temperature and moves it to 72, all the hot water is diverted to the floors to heat the room.  Radiant heating systems are slow to respond, and this means the showers might feel cooler than normal for some hours.  We hope guests call us if they experience this so we can come down, explain our system and set it for their schedule if necessary.  But there is only so much we can do to alter the physical constraints of this system and hope guests understand and enjoy the tradeoffs.

This is why we advise people on the Guest Information sheet when they arrive: "The cabins have radiant-heated floors which are set to provide what feels like 70 degrees…even though the thermostat may read much lower. Please don’t raise it more than 1 – 2 degrees at a time or within a couple of hours you’ll be uncomfortably hot (and waste a lot of energy)."

Guest Service

At WildSpring, service may feel a little different from other resorts or B&Bs. Guests often tell us they feel like they're guests at a private estate...which is something we cultivate.

We've put a lot of thought into ensuring you'll find what you need at your fingertips when you need it, and to make our service seem behind-the-scenes. We try to stay out of your way and allow you as much peace and solitude as you'd like, but we also want to be available when you need something or would just like to say hi.

During office hours, Michelle is in the office (down the little staircase from the Guest Hall) and Dean is usually on the grounds. But if you need assistance, have a question, or need to tell us something, you can always reach us by intercom at any time...we live here: There is one at the entrance as soon as you arrive to let us know you are here - we're happy to come down, show you to your cabin and help with the luggage. There is also one in each cabin on your bedroom wall next to the bathroom door (only you can initiate communication). Let us know if you need anything or if something in the cabin needs attention.

Enjoy. It's your vacation. Let us know how we can help.

(While we do everything we can to ensure a clean, scent-free environment, we cannot control any scents left by guests wearing perfume, essential oils, etc...though we do ask everyone here to be sensitive for the sake of the next guest. We ozonate cabins as necessary to eliminate odors and scents left by earlier guests. We don't guarantee a completely scent-free environment, but we do promise that we've done everything we can to create that. If you have extreme sensitivity issues, please discuss this with us in detail at least a week before arrival so we can plan for the appropriate preparation for your cabin.)

Guests with Disabilities, and Service Animals

Finally, we try to support guests who are physically challenged, or who need to travel with a Service Animal. Please visit our sitepage that discusses this. We try to create an environment so all our guests can enjoy WildSpring.

WildSpring has partnered with Native Energy to offset our carbon emissions for a zero carbon footprint, and to support programs helping other organizations do the same.

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WildSpring is an eco-friendly, environmentally sensitive facility
and we invite our guests to honor and protect
this lovely land with us.

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