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"Such a lovely place!! Such a great place to celebrate Valentine's Day - so peaceful!"

  Kristin & Dave, Eugene, OR 2.15.20


"I cannot think of a more perfect way to celebrate 65 revolutions around the sun. Thank you so much for creating the perfect retreat!"

  Lenora & Robert, Springfield, OR 2.9.20


"A wonderful weekend escape in such a great peaceful place!"

  Mike & Becky D., 1.4.20



"Happy birthday to me. Thank you so much for such a wonderful & magical time. What a wonderful place you have created. Our stay was perfect. We enjoyed the quietness, the walks on the beach, the sunsets on the deck and the evening soaks in the spa. Thank you for all the beauty you have created, your attention to detail was so appreciated. We enjoyed walking the grounds, discovering new art every day. P.S. the hammock was challenging to get out of. We hope to be back soon, but next time with family and friends."

  David & Teresa, Eugene OR 11.4.19


"Amongst beautiful trees and ferns with the Pacific bonus blue in the distance!"

  The Ws, Nashville, TN 11.2.19


"Amazing place! Thank you,"

  Jane & Rick, Florence, OR 10.3.19


"My wife and I have been together for 32 years and have spent as much of that time as possible traveling. From the outset we have shied away as much as possible from the chain motels and hotels which encourage (coerce) you into staying with them repeatedly and having essentially the same experience as a result. Instead, we have always sought out properties with some historical or cultural significance in order to import a sense of place to our accommodation. For what is the point of traveling without experiencing that sense? Over these last thirty-two years I am hard pressed to think of a more unique property we have stayed at than WildSpring. From the cabin itself to the artwork and the sense of tranquility that permeates the grounds at large, you have created a truly memorable experience. The place is totally far out and funky. My only regret is that we are just passing through on a one-nighter. If we were fortunate enough to pass this way again we will certainly look you up. Sincerely,"

  Mario & Cameli M, Rockaway, NJ 9.7.19


"This place is magical! Thank you!"

  Ty & Laura, 8.18.19


"What a Shangri-La you have established here. We couldn't have been more delighted with our experience - sort of felt like Thoreau on an expense account. May your business continue to blossom. You deserve it."

  Mike & Karen D., 8.13.19


"My husband and I wanted to find a quiet place to get away for our 15th anniversary and WildSpring exceeded our expectation. Everything we wanted or needed seemed to magically appear. Our cabin was so cozy and clean and was easy to immediately relax in. We loved the attention to detail, wonderful breakfast, spa, view, and relaxing atmosphere. thank you for making our stay so refreshing and special!"

  Mark & Amie B., 8.3.19


"It's hard to leave this beautiful sanctuary you have created known as WildSpring! The energy here is peaceful and nurturing. We chose to spend the majority of our 3 days just being restored in this beautiful space. This will always be a special memory in our hearts. Everything here was done with intention and we felt it. We hope to return someday. Blessings!"

  Amy & Dennis E., 6.24.19



"This has been a terrible year for my family...Years ago a guest of the WildSpring told me of this place. It has been on my list of wishes since and my husband and I decided to visit for our 10 wedding anniversary. I hope this ends with many blessings. Thanks for creating this place in the pines."

  K&G, Siletz, OR 11.8.18


"This whole place is incredible. We were expecting a nice relaxing place to stay on our trip up the North Pacific coast and got so much more. The cabin is beautiful and comfortable and the grounds are truly amazing. You are exceptionally talented. Thank you for having this idea and putting it all together. Be proud of what you have accomplished. It is truly magnificent. Thank you!"

  Justine Jared, New Hampshire, 9.21.18


"Super cool and beautiful place, we had so much fun here, and the scones made were basically the best thing...ever!"

  The R Family 8.23.18


"Replenish, recharge, rediscover. What a magical setting. Feels other-worldly yet home comforts abound. Thank you for creating your dream space and sharing it with others, what a gift! Best sleep ever!"

  The W's 8.8.18


"Embracing stillness. Grounding. Deep peace. Grateful."

  Kris A. 6.20.18


"Rest, refresh, discover and ponder - we are so pleased to have found WildSpring! Had a beautiful long romantic weekend! Thank you,"

  Matt & Laurie 6.4.18


"What a beautiful weekend, peaceful & relaxing. The wedding party found the accommodations perfect! And breakfast delicious! Thank you!"

  Sasha & Jason, CB, OR 5.28.18


"Great food! Love all the surprises along the trails. Peacefulness."



"Such a beautiful quiet spot. Lovely. Will stay longer next time!"

  Ed & Darla, London, UK 5.20.18


"Love this place. What a great find. So peaceful and relaxing. We will definitely be back. Thank you Dean and Michelle for everything!"

  Lisa & Paul, Newtown, CT 5.13.18


"Our fifth stay, the fourth in Annwyn. Superb as always. We're looking forward to next year already.

  Brian & Tiff, 1.18.18


"Surprise trip for my husband's 61 birthday - needed some rest and relaxation. This was perfect - the weather is fabulous - sunny and warm with no wind. Sat out on the deck with a bottle of wine and got to watch a beautiful sunset. Later we had the hot tub all to ourselves and gazed at the star-filled sky. Time seemed to stand still a bit for us here. It's been a wonderful stay - oh and breakfast was excellent as well. Already talking about a return trip! Thanks so much for your hospitality and sharing this great place with us!"

  Lori & Davin 1.14.18



"WildSpring and Annwyn have been a treasure find. Thank you for the artful attention to detail. A peaceful sanctuary!!! Thank you for sharing your gift of peace & hospitality!!"

  Robert & Kay, Arcadia, CA 11.22.17


"Perfect! Hot tub, nice soak after a long drive. Our fav the GARDENS! Thank you thank U Thank U."

  Natasha, Rhonda & Marian, 11.7.17


"We had such a wonderful little escape from the hustle & bustle. This was the perfect retreat from our busy lives in Portland. The hosts thought of our every need & we were just able to focus on unwinding. The hot tub was perfect for just that. We also loved the little sculptures scattered around the property. We'll definitely make an effort to come back through here again. You made our first trip to Port Orford well worth it."

  Hannah & Jeff, 10.29.17


"Captains log: We arrived late under fair weather conditions 60 F north wind 5 - 10 knots. South Swell 4 ft., First order of business - hot tub. Second wine & libations, third.... Best 3rd year together as husband & wife."

  The A's 10.7.17


"Our first time here at WildSpring and as peaceful and relaxing as everyone here said. We came celebrating our 30th anniversary, a major milestone for us as since our 25th by husband has been diagnosed, treated and survived cancer, so we are so happy to celebrate our 30th together here in this beautiful place. The trees make this cabin a treehouse and the food and views from the hall complete the beauty. Thanks for the memories."

  Donna & Tom, VA 9.21.17


"Such a wonderful place. Serenity & divine. Had a great weekend away from the crowded city life in the urban rush. Such a needed one - will do it again for a week. This is the place to feel spiritually connected and calm. See you soon. With all love."

  Lacey R, 9.5.17


"All I could say is "heaven." This journey was unbelievable right from the word "start." Non-stop 14 hour drive through crater and one of the daring, heart-in-the-mouth moments when driving through the Bear Camp Road to this spot in the night at 11pm with no hope of reaching city, getting lost in the jungle & finally reaching this spot called "heaven" was indeed one. That on our anniversary. No words, happened just like in of a kind journey. WILL BE BACK."

  Jane & Art, Campbell, CA 9.4.17


"This place is awesome and so are you if you're reading this. Great vibes!"

  Bradley, Los Angeles, 7.30.17


"Thank you so much for such a special experience. It was great to rest after a big day of driving. Cheers to many more years."

  The T's, Chicago, IL 4.12.17


"What a lovely peaceful respite in the verdant woods after 2 long days of travel. Thank you for the delicious breakfast and serene views. Next time, we will enjoy the hot tub! P.S. Dinner at Redfish was one of the best I've ever had. Wow."

  Beyonce & Dan, Bellevue, WA 4.3.17


"This place is every bit as magical as I had hoped. The cabin and the grounds are stunning and incredibly relaxing. We could not have picked a more beautiful, peaceful retreat for the last night of our spring break. Listening to the ocean waves crash down below as we sat under the stars in deep conversation amongst all the team of the spa was indescribable. Thank you for reminding me what life is meant for. Warmest regards."

  Stuart & Hannah, Albany, OR 4.2.17


"Feels a lot like love. Thank you,"

  Kendre & Ray, Roseburg, OR


"This trip is my Valentine's gift to my husband to be. We both enjoyed the cabin with the woodstove and all the interesting decor. I particularly liked the sheets (I want some for home) and the feeling of isolation from the hustle and bustle of the world. I will be getting a gift of a stay here for my mother and aunt who are perfectly made for the atmosphere you have created. Thank you for the wonderful experience."

  Carol & Josh, Portland, OR 2.12.17


"Lovely cabin, love the stove. It was so incredibly cozy and sweet and romantic (cheesy I know). We would come back time & time again! We closed all the blinds and slept in complete quiet and pitch darkness, it was heavenly. I'm writing and sound like my grandmother. Anyhooo, thank you for such a relaxing "escape" from everyday life! We look forward to visiting again in the future!"

  Alicia & Austin, Portland, OR 1.29.17



"Love the cozy & well appointed accommodations. Thoroughly enjoyed the warm fire after being soaked on our hike at Humbug. And...very much enjoyed & appreciated the soothing hot tub waters! So peaceful. Thank you. P.S. really yummy breakfast, too. "

  Marty & Tyre 11.6.16


"We got in later than we originally planned. The checkin process was really simple and we felt immediately at ease. Our evening was exactly what we needed...restful and quiet. And made extra special with roses and sweets. We felt like we woke up inside a fairy tale. This place is so beautiful and special! Thank you for sharing it with us."

  Ed & Stephanie, Austin, TX 10.17.16


"We had a wonder for few days - you've created a magical place. Sorry about broken wine glass."

  Donna R., 10.13.16


"Thank you for making our second stay with you just as magical as our first. Magical. That sums up everything about this place - but we know it doesn't become this through magic but through the very hard work, blood, sweat and tears of the two of you. Know that your guests appreciate every tiny detail you attend to and all the energy you pour into WildSpring. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for rekindling magic, the mystical, childlike wonder and awe that was just what we needed. So you again soon."

  Bill & Sara S., 9.25.16


"Wonderful. This was a perfect place for us to be, we both really needed a place to celebrate us. Peaceful and breathtaking...Thank you for sharing. I'm glad two people fell in love and made this place to remind us."

  The S's


"What a magical gem of a place! We loved every minute of our stay and only wish it had been far longer."

  Lucy & Lee, London, YU.K. 8.30.16


"What a beautiful and relaxing stay! I loved listening to the wind flow through the trees and watching the sunlight dance on the floor. We wish we could stay longer, but we are off to the Redwoods."

  Seth & Sarah E., International Falls, MN 8.18.16


"Very comfortable beds!"



"A magical visit, loved our time here. We will always treasure our cabin in the woods. Till the next time."

  The D's, 8.3.16


"What a heartfelt, peaceful place! And, best blueberry corn muffins EVER!"

  Ellen & Rob, S.F., CA 8.10.16


Fabulous place and wonderful vision. What a great "achievement. We’ve enjoyed a very peaceful couple of days - with a new surprise around ever corner."

  Mark, Deborah, Joe & Kate, England 8.1.16


"Like fell into the wonderland of Alice, this place is so romantic and so much like a fairytale. I like the little lion with wings standing in front of our doorway. The lights and lamps in this room make be feel cozy and comfortable. I stayed up till 2 o'clock in the morning reading my favorite novel and don't want to go to bed. Lovely place. Hope we can come back!!"



"We sere privileged to spend 3 nights in Annwyn. Sunny days and chilly nights with the only "noise" the wind in the trees. Loved the hot tub and its perfect situation. Hope to return!"

  John & Julie B, San Diego, CA 7-16-16


"You truly have thought of everything - your attention to detail is impeccable and you have created an amazing place here. Our stay was too short and we hope to someday return. Cheers!"

  Lauren & Mike, Baltimore, MD 7.7.16


"Dean & Michelle, thank you for sharing your beautiful, heart-centered space with us. We loved everything from the bed to the hot tub & everything in was the perfect place to reconnect with ourselves and the natural world. We wish we could spend many more days in this beautiful & tranquil paradise1 Thank you from the bottom of our hearts." Namaste"

  Soph & Bob


"If I had to sum up our stay one word it would be 'inspiring,' the decor is elegant yet livable, the perfect getaway for our one year anniversary. Much thanks,"

  Amber & Daniel, 6.20.16


"Two nights, three days - not near long long enough! WildSpring is magical and amazing. Thank you for creating & sharing this space. It's truly enchanted & enchanting. Divine."

  Wendy & Gabe, Salem OR 6.5.16


"Celebrating our second daughter's high school graduation by traveling Pacific coasts Hwy. Wish we would’ve stayed here multiple nights!! Refreshing & restful. Our kids will always remember WildSpring. A hidden treasure and gem. So clean, classy & unique. LOVED IT!! Quality time in hot tub, loved the "park" & hammock, quiet night reading & great movie "Secret Life of Walter Mitty." Would love to return" Teach the triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity - Buddha. P.S. Epic breakfast strata and loved the fresh roses. Many thanks to the vision of Dean & Michelle & for sharing this Mtn. oasis."

  Clark, Robin, Casey, McCall M, Vernal, UT 6.1.16


"Suzanne & I stayed in this Annwyn, #3, one night, with friends Canois /Craig staying next door in #2. Accommodations where classy & comfortable with many special artistic touches to create this magical space. We enjoyed the many re-purposed sculptures and the labyrinth maze walk. Your recommendation to eat at Crazy Norwegian in town. The site of your spa is breathtaking and our soak with the Pacific ocean view was memorable. I'm writing this before breakfast which no doubt will be equally memorable Thank you for creating such a special retreat. We definitely plan on returning and will give recommendations to our family and friends."

  Dave & Suzanne, Philomath, OR 4.22.16


"Stayed two nights could have stayed a week, everything was quite exceptional. The shower was beyond invigorating, the food and hot tub was great, too. We give this place 6 stars and will look forward to returning sometime."

  Jeremy & Samantha S., California 4.17.16



  Colleen & Nathan, Roseburg, OR 3.30.16


"What a special place this is! We spent 2 nights here on our way from the Redwoods back home to Portland. What a gem this is. Thank you!" "It is Easter, I saw around 10 deers, it was so cool! I liked going into the hot tub, and the breakfast was great! I hope I can come again!" "I like it because I liked the hot tub, and the movies, and the breakfast was yummy. The Easter bunny came last nite."

  Amy, Steve, Ella & Taz H.


"Ohio family a 4 driving up the coast from SF to Seattle, hitting the highlights along the way. This was definitely one of them!"

  Bill & Carol, 3.8.16


"Drove from Ashland for the night. Consumed a number of edibles along the way...Remember the hot tub. Love place. Love one another."

  Petra & Tony, 2.20.16


"This beautiful place blew away our expectations. Truly a hidden gem tucked away in our beautiful state of the PNW. We are truly grateful and blessed by the care and thought that has surrounded us this weekend. The energy is amazing - relaxing and very nourishing to the soul. Thank you doesn’t even begin to state our level of gratitude. Much love and respect,"

  Dustin & Chere, 2.14.16


"In January we stayed at WildSpring for 3 days. The ambiance welcomed us from a rainy night sky. Warmth overtook us when pleasure met the eye. Surrounded by beauty - slept comfortably through the night. Awakened to soft daylight pouring in from the sky. Among the interesting flare a fresh breath mountain air. WildSpring! We enjoyed the nights we shared."

  Jamie & Christine, 1.10.16



"We only stayed one night here and wish we could spend at least another week!! This is an amazing place - calm, beautiful, peaceful and there is an undercurrent of joy that fills the souls. We will definitely try to be back. Thank you for making this possible! Your dream coming true means there is a hope for ours, too!"

  Camilla & Sonia, 11.29.15


"My wife's birthday. A full moon. We arrived on Friday the 23rd and had no idea how refreshed we would feel today. We became weary over the last four years and it took 4 days in Annwyn cabin to heal and restore our souls. I gathered love, patience, compassion and forgiveness in these woods. If you listen to the silence, listen well and the trees, the ocean, this cabin, and the very earth beneath your feet will speak softly to you. They will tell you exactly what you need to hear."

  Alan & Jean C., 10.27.15


"Here with my mom and daughter. Could not be any happier. Beautiful places."

  Jill, 10.4.15


"A week in cabin 3. What bliss, what joy. what perfection Our happy place."

  Clare & Sam, 10.3.15


"Thank you Dean & Michelle for the love you've poured into this beautiful Habitat. A truly magical place we have enjoyed immensely. We look forward to next time! Many blessings,"

  Meridy & Greg J, Quincy, CA 9.21.15


"Cool morning mist, soft fragrant soil, crashing ocean waves. Mother Earth smiles. I am home. Namaste,"

  Sheyryl, Wylie, TX 9.11.15


"On our last night of our 10-day OR/CA vacation, last night we saw the Milky Way amongst a million stars from the hot tub. It was a moment we will net soon forget as well as the perfect way to end our trip. This place is amazing, thank you providing this perfect tranquil, luxurious, healthful space from which we were able to make lifelong memories. We will recommend WildSpring to everyone and hope and pray that we will return one day. Thank you!"

  Lyndsy & Geoff B, Boulder, CO 8.4.15


"What other superlatives can we add to what has already been written over these 11 years of your Wild wellness enterprise It is up to each individual as to what depth of peace, restoration, comfort, sensual pleasure, reflection, etc which can be mustered. Certainly this is a unique place for either introspection or primal sacred loving. Or both. Thank you for the welcoming blend of faith traditions represented. Thanks for letting us be beneficiaries of this obvious labor of love."

  Rick & Liz, Lake Oswego, OR 8.27.15


"We spent out honeymoon here! So great and relaxing after all the wedding stress! Loved the forest and cabin! We will definitely be recommending this place to others!"

  Hannah & Dakota S., 8.26.15


"We spent a lovely and relaxing evening in the beautiful dwelling! Everything was so well thought-out and it really provided us with much needed respite during our journey. We really felt the love emanating from every corner of the e property. We have gratitude and appreciation."

  Georgia & Casey S. 7.31.15


"What a great place to stay! Peaceful, quiet and beautiful. We had a great night sleep and feel good to go on our journey south."

  Steve & Jacque K., 7.30.15


"We came here, we did stuff and things. Well, not too many stuff and things. Actually we pretty much didn't do anything. It was great!"

  Justin & Shauna, 7.25.15


"We were thrilled to have chosen to spend the last night of our week-long honeymoon adventure up and down the Oregon coast here. WildSpring is truly the perfect way to enjoy the last few moments of peace and tranquility of this area. We will most certainly be back and are so inspired by the WildSpring story!. Thank you for such a wonderful & memorable time!"

  Mike & Cherie L., Petaluma, CA 7.19.15


"I like it here it helped me become a better person and I will reflect on this place and how it helped me. I do like it here like I already told you. I wish to come back one day."

  Cole R., (10 years), Syracuse, NY 7.18.15


""What a beautiful place! This is a hidden gem on the Pacific coast that we are happy to have found. Perhaps we will return one day. Thank you & peace be with all who share this piece of heaven."

  Jeff. (the dad), Syracuse, NY 7.18.15


"I loved it here! It was nice and relaxing. The pull-out couches were amazingly comphy! We watched Jurassic Park! My mom fell asleep, but my dad didn't watch. According to my dad the spa was a "wee-bit" not for him,."

  Louisa R., Syracuse, NY 7.16.15


"This is a place of peace and beauty. We had a great place to find yourself and relax. I had a lot of fun. I hope to come again."

  Michaela R (12 years), Syracuse , NY 7.18.15


"We had a great couple of days here, peaceful beautiful - QUIET. The art tucked away everywhere is wonderful, the hot tub divine - thanks for creating such an oasis. We'll definitely come back."

  Gene & Joan, Palo Alsto, CA 7.17.15


"What a peaceful retreat for mind, body & soul. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. P.S. The sculpture garden was inspirational. As a landscape designer, I truly enjoyed it. Blessings."

  Nik & Amanda 7.5.15


"What a magical place! We've never had the opportunity to stay in such a unique, tranquil place. Thank you for the unforgettable experience!"

  Jacintha, Gideon & Morne, Canada 6.25.15


"Thank you for creating such an amazing place. My 50th B'day will be one I will never forget. My husband kidnapped me and brought me here and I am having a hard time with the thought of leaving. Highlights I will always remember: The cabin. The shower. The comfy bed. The woodstove. The wandering paths. The hidden treasures tucked here and there. The view. Scarlet, the cat. The yummy breakfast, The divine hot tub. And last but nor least the labyrinth. We will be back!"

  Claire & Tim H., 5.23.15


"Our experience at WildSpring was out of this world! I only have good things to say about this place. This cabin is so cute and PERFECT! I love the shower. My plan is to come back here when I have my own kids1 Great experience! I will definitely recommend to others!"

  Bella, Dave, Anae, Rosemary & Diane K 4.12.15


"WildSpring is so lovely, we had fun throughout the day & night. Enjoying every moment, we are staying another night! The atmosphere is so peaceful, relaxing and overall a happy place to be. Can't wait to be here again!. Thanks SO much. Gladly we are not leaving yet!"

  Adam & Chloe, Alec & Helena, 4.9.15


"WildSpring was full of wonderful surprises, and beautiful little touches. Our cabin was lovely, and really made for a very romantic weekend getaway. Everything about this place was relaxing. Best part: breakfast! Thank you for sharing such an amazing place."

  Kevin & Monica, Salem, OR 3.8.15


"A magnificent 60th birthday celebration. 11 women so happily occupying this beautiful place - set in this astonishing environment. Kudus to you Dean & Michelle - for all the attention to so many details - while leaving plenty of space for the woods & ocean to hold space. Thank you thank you thank you."




"When you walk at a regular pace, breathing deeply and evenly, the vagus nerve and its soothing rhythms take over and the adrenal gland, with its adrenlaine and cortisol rush the breathing of your heart and the tempo of your breathing synchronize in calming, undulating waves. As you take a deep breath, your heart rate slows, as you let out, your heart rate speeds up just a big. The very brief time between the beats increases and decreased in sync with these breaths. Your blood pressure falls, and instead of blood vessels clamping down to keep up blood flow to the vital organs, your heart pumps more strongly and effectively. The brake to your stress response has been engage. The health benefits of walking in themselves are important, but there are additional rewards when walk the path of a labyrinth. Unlike a set of city streets, a labyrinth has one path. It is calming, because it forces you to focus your attention on the way in front of you. It makes you walk slowly and breath evenly in rhythm with your pace. There is something intrinsically soothing in this ritual - which may be why it's becoming a standard practice in complementary and alternative medicine. Standing at the entrance to any labyrinth, you can see there's no route in or out - and if you try, it will defeat its purpose of putting you at ease. You should simply start. Trust that if you follow the path you will not get lost, and that you will come out feeling better than when you began. In many ways, this is a metaphor for any spiritual journey."

  Ester & Victoria & Cherl S, 12,30,14


"This is such a beautiful place with everything so well thought and lovingly presented. The cabins are carefully nestled in the young forest in such a way that everyone has privacy and comfort. Up the slope overlooking the ocean is a clean well-designed Lodge with kitchen and dining areas. Just below is one of the nicest hot-tub pools I've every soaked in, with spectacular views out into the Pacific. We certainly hope to come back before long."

  Nick & Robert, 11.9.14


"Our 1-night stay here was a welcome stop on our way up the Oregon coast. The hot tub was fabulous and your surroundings are so peaceful. Thanks for your hospitality.

  Karen, New York, 8.12.14


"We are on our drive south...relocating from Portland, OR, to San Clemente, CA. This was the perfect place to find some "calm in the storm" of our move. This was our first visit, but won't be our last!"

  Joe & Ericka, 8.10.14


"Thank you for letting us stay."

  Molly (age 11), Louisville, KY 8.7.14


"(we) loved our stay at WildSpring. We wish we had more time here, and can't wait to come back."

  Sophia, Catherine, Beth, Sue and Flip, New Orleans, LA 8.5.14


"A abslute delight!! Me and my family loved it here! The queen sized bed was so comfortable, while watching Romancing the Stone! Even though I had to sleep in the pull out, it was the best sleep I've had in all my 10 years of life!! The breakfast was DELICIOUS! Everything is well organized, to fit your appealing! Cabin 3 (Annwyn) is the dream house for !, Thanks,"

  Rachael (age 10), Michael & Carmen 8.14.14


"What a magical place! My husband and I chose WildSpring to spend our honeymoon, and we could not have chosen any better. Only a few hours from our home in Mount Shasta, yet feels worlds away. A special energy envelops this spot in the redwoods. The faeries definitely abound here. We feel so blessed to have discovered WildSpring, and we will certainly be back. The perfect start to our new life together. thank you for all the special touches..."

  Eric & Mandhi B, Mount Shasta, CA 7.23.14


"Veramenta bello L'Oregon, la sua costa i soui parchi, e poi WildSpring, il vento tra gli alberi, la natura intorno: finalmente un posto dove dormire, degno dell'Oregon!!"

  Andrea & Paola M, Italy 7.7.14


"What an amazingly beautiful, peaceful place! Thank you for creating & sharing such a magical respite - everywhere we looked there is natural beauty & man-made touches. You have created such a delightful place. We too came for a birthday - What a wonderful vacation! Thank you for sharing such a special place."

  Louis & Nancy T, Billings, MT 7.1.14


"Wow! What a wonderful, peaceful spot! Came for a 50th birthday loved every minute. Excellent shower! Thank you for all that you sacrifice in order to provide Valhalla to your guests!!

  The Ps, Bozeman, MT 6.21.14


"What a great little eclectic cabin in the woods. Much fun had by all!"

  Michael, Piromya, James, Carmen & brother David 6.8.14


"We are on our 45th Anniversary road trip, tracing our honeymoon up the coast (which we took with $250, no credit cards, and a hibachi.) This is our grand finale. We have enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you so much for your hospitality."

  Don & Barb, Salem, OR 6.7.14


"Our 2nd visit to WildSpring. Lovely, An oasis of joy. An opportunity to meet others traveling through and hear their stories & plans. Breakfast. Peace. Spa. Spent a day by the spa - a two-hour beach walk. A two-hour art walk."

  Keefe & Cathy O, Everett WA 5.24.14


"Oh wow! What an amazing place! We want to stay longer! Such a warm, cozy cabin in a beautiful setting! Me & my sister have already decided we are coming back when one of us gets married...might be awhile... Wish we could stay for longer than one nights! Thankyou so much for your hospitality and letting us share a part of your paradise."

  The J's, 4.12.14


"Relaxing massage! Time in the hot tub under the moon & stars. What a wonderful way to spend a ladies day off. Best regards,"

  Bernie, Chris & Nicola, Las Vegas 3.7.14


"My husband of 25 years, Steve, and I spent our silver anniversary here this weekend. The cottage and all the accommodations were wonderful. But for us, the magical trees, the ocean, the weather (58 this morning) made it all worth it. When we were first married we too lived in a magical Oregon forest. The quiet solitude, the wind through the trees has no equal."

  Janis & Steve A, Grants Pass, OR 1.4.14



"We brought our women’s retreat here from Pacific Light Church and we had the best time! Thank you so much for meeting all our accommodations. The cabins were great, the showers are perfect & breakfast was amazing. All the women had a great time. We will be back. PS We fed our roses to Johnny (the resident deer)...he loved them"

  Ashley H & Sally R., 11.16.13


"Coming from the High Desert we had forgotten how much we miss the sound of the ocean. Thank you for letting us experience the serenity of your little piece of heaven, and for making our stay a comfortable and joyous one."

  Angela & Torben B, 10.28.13


"Thank you thank you, thank you!!! What a wonderful, peaceful place to stay. You have created a beautiful place to escape the outside world. We loved our stay."

  Bob & Kathy G, Loomis, CA 10.10.13


"One of the best kept secrets! My hubby & I wanted a relaxing place to stay & this is it! Loved everything about WildSpring. Until next time."

  The S's, Huntington Beach, CA 9.26.13


"Enjoyed our cabin in the woods, a nice spot to relax & unwind & celebrate. So happy we called at 2:30 in the afternoon & you had a spot available for us. We were here by 4. What an unexpected adventure to add to our 2013 Road Trip. thanks for the memories & happy 24 years of marriage that we celebrated here in cabin #3."

  Brad & Karen T. Milwaukee 8.16.10


"What a beautiful setting outside the most charming little town. Love Port Orford and this great little cabin."

  Randy & Lara B, Covington, WA 8.20.13


"What a beautiful spot!"

  Dave, Laurie, Mark & Logan F, Calgary, Canada 8.17.13


"This is our second trip to WildSpring, and I am sure won't be our last. It is a beautiful and spiritual place. Thank you for building and sharing it. Michelle's cooking is wonderful. Thank you Dean for providing us with the extras that made our stay so comfortable and convenient."

  Tom & Margaret W, Nipomo, CA 8.13


"Our kids found WildSpring on the Internet and gave us a stay for an anniversary gift. It is our 30th year together and it was special to be able to spend it in such a comfortable and beautiful place! Everything here was wonderful. I wish we could stay longer!"

  Bill & Alois, Medford, OR 8.6.13


"What a lovely escape from city life in Seattle. Breakfast, the spa, grounds cabin surpassed expectations. Thank you for your beautiful guest habitat!"

  Steph & Evan, Seattle, WA 8.5.13


"Beautiful grounds, infinite possibilities, a lovely respite from the clamor of the city life in LA."

  Deborah & Steven, Los Angeles, CA 7.27.13


"Thank you for creating and sharing, this amazing, magical & wonderful place. We love it and will be back."

  Amalina & Etsuko, Littleton, CO 7.16.13


"Thank you for taking the time to create this relaxing, unique vacation sanctuary and for being generous enough to share it with others. Our family had a wonderful time at WildSpring and enjoyed exploring the Port Orford area. We hope to be back someday!"

  John, Gina, Jeremy & Julia R., Napa, CA 7.12.13


"This was a amazing place to stay. Breakfast was yummy x 1,000,000. I would recommend the muffins. I totally loved the hot tub spa. It was so fun to explore all the different paths. I will remember this forever! Over all, WildSpring is amazing."

  Sofie, Ken & Veronica R, 7.9.13


"A time of celebration, a new life together, a blessed event in the presence of God & family, our two children were joined together in marriage." Not an uneventful journey of course! The groom took a nice trip to the emergency room after 20 ft fall during rock climbs on the beach - badly broken foot - crutches as an accessory to the wedding suit! Michelle & Dean were amazing in their care and concern - a wheelchair delivered within a few hours, incredible accommodation to our every need - we can't express our wonder & gratitude - incredible! A beautiful wedding, love, flowing (okay some tears -he's the baby!) The fireworks !! WOW! What a show. They looked like they were right on top of us. Wonderful music prepared for the show (thank you Michelle!) I know the kids will be back, but we may sneak in a trip of our own. Thank you for allowing us to have this time with you and your little piece of heaven!"



"My husband Junior and I came for 5 nights to celebrate our honeymoon. This was the perfect place for us. From the massages in our cabin, to the hot tub, to the secluded, peaceful feeling, it was perfect. This area was also beautiful. We took the Cape Blanco trail outlines in "From Sea To Summit" and were blown away with beautiful views and calm woods. We were kayaking with South Cost Tours and loved Dave, our guide. We went horse back riding in Bandon and felt so romantic. The WildSpring website really helped us to plan a great week. We hope to come back for our 5 year anniversary!"

  Ashley & Junior, Santa Barbara, CA 6.29.13


"WildSpring is a treasure that no words can explain. Thank you for sharing your treasure with us. The WildSpring Habitat is what nature intended. Peaceful & harmonious. Best Place Ever! Loved the shower!! Sincerely,"

  Chris & Jen M., Cape Canaveral, FL 6.18.13


"Michelle and Dean, we were thrilled to return yet once again (last here in 10/11) and find you still own the property. We are always afraid as "Innkeepers" you will burn out and sell. Annwyn is now our favorite cabin because of the space and fireplace, not to mention privacy! As we age (60s) we do fine we enjoy some interaction and a little conversation - more now than when we were younger. The price is less important now but the location, environment, and quality of furnishings is still extremely important. Do continue the extra touches - make-up cloths, candles, DVD layer, refrigerator - all nice amenities! And ohhhh...the red roses!!"

  Steve & Sherry s., Medford, OR 6.10.13


"Had a wonderful Birthday weekend here - so relaxing and great hospitality. We will be back!"

  Ellen & Robert, McMinnville, OR 6.9.13


"Three nights here...what a treat! We loved it & are sure to be back!"

  Amy & Greg, Salem, OR 6.2.13


"I am so glad I found WildSpring on the Internet by accident. Almost a year has gone by since my discovery, and it became our "Romantic Getaway" for our 40th Anniversary this year! It was a total surprise to my hubby -- until we were south of Coos Bay, he had no clue of our destination. We enjoyed the hot tub times, the awesome breakfasts, the natural settings & hikes & sightseeing adventures. We enjoyed an awesome hour-long massage each - in our cabin. Aaaahhh? The accommodations are lovely, comfortable & peaceful! And Michelle & Dean are gracious hosts, making sure your stay is all you want it to be! All too soon it's time to go. But we will return! Thank you!"

  Jim & Kathy B, Siletz, OR 4.13.13


"Brent & Karyn stayed here for the first time: Karyn fell in love with the energy of the place. I was so happy she felt connected to WildSpring. We both needed a break from the world." On a separate breakfast....absolutely awesome."

  Brent & Karyn, 4.9.13


"We came here to celebrate our engagement. What a perfect place to connect with the person you love. The cabin was super cozy - comfy bed, fireplace, candles, shower. Walking around the grounds to go to breakfast was nighttime hot tubbing was amazingly cool. We had a fantastic time. Thank you."

  Matt & Jenna, Santa, OR 2.18.13


"We feel so blessed to have found WildSpring. We had a wonderful night enjoying this oasis you have created here on the spectacular Oregon coast. My favorite experiences were donning the lush robes down to the spa & watching the stars & moon shine while soaking our weary bones, plus the amazing French Toast breakfast with the yummy berry fruit sauce! Wow! Thank you for a wonderful time,"

  Michelle & Sheldon T, Crescent City, CA 2.16.13


"This is among the most peaceful of places. We celebrate our first anniversary under a bed a stars and towering trees. We've built moments that would be hard to forget. I thank you for your hospitality and ingenuity...building this place for others to enjoy. Thank you for everything!"

  Lauren & Vlad, 2.10.13



"Thank you again for another wonderful visit to this beautiful cabin. The surroundings are so peaceful! Our stay ended way too soon! Hope to be back again next year!"

  Scot & Chandra C., Eugene, OR 11.26.12


"This is our second trip and it's just an wonderful as it was the first time. We are celebrating our 33rd anniversary. I want to thank Dean & Michelle for all the gluten-free food I know it takes a special effort to make something other than the norm. But it was so very thoughtful and very delicious. Thank you!!!"

  Chuck & Julie K., 10.21.12


"Thank you for such a wonderful place to stay! The grounds are e magnificent and the breakfasts were always delicious. This place has the perfect amount of whimsy - we loved discovering new statuary tucked in unexpected corners. We loved our four nights here, and just wish we lived closer. Cheers,"

  Chris & Rachel B., Milford, MI


"It seems that many who wrote in this journal before me were staring their lives with their special person...let me say that this place is also wonderful with a spouse of many decades as well. All the love & care that has gone into WildSpring shows & is appreciated. I hope everyone who stays here enjoys the treat to the senses that it truly is. Thanks!"

  Lisa & Dean, Denver, CO 10.6.12


"Driving down 101 from Portland was beautiful and come to the house after dark the lights were on and it was like we were coming home. Very welcoming. I loved the little touches and the candles. Very quiet and peaceful and comfortable, exactly what we were looking for, after(can't read) Portland."

  Robb & Dana, Salt Lake City, UT 10.12


"What a gorgeous, peaceful setting for our honeymoon! We enjoyed every minute spent at WildSpring (and are especially grateful for the delicious vegan fruit cobblers). Thank you again, and we hope to return to celebrate an anniversary!"

  Gretchen & Stephen, Cambridge, MA 9.20.12


"Such sweetness here...We're so overjoyed to find that a place such as this exists on earth. Thank you so much Dean & Michelle, for following your dream & creating this space of renewal."

  Bonnie & Bob C., Boulder, CO 9.15.12


"A beautiful drive up the coast was the perfect prelude to this wonderful retreat. We spent our first days of married life here - making plans for the future hwile living in the moment and experiencing the highest of gratitude. Thank you for creating this beautiful setting & allow for such memories to be made."

  Steve & Jannie, H., 9.5.12


"While we had less than 24 hours here, sometimes even a little taste of paradise is enough to take back out into the world as a more centered, calmer & more inspired person. The grounds are stunning and this cabin a warming retreat. Most of all, I loved the little bits of whimsy thoughtfully & playfully hidden throughout the grounds. Than you for a reminder that a little bit of fun can be around every corner. We'll be back! Hugs,"



"My wife and I sought a quiet, relaxing spot to spend our honeymoon. Our expectations were exceeded beyond our wildest dreams. At our cabin we were able to relax and forget all the excitement of the previous week. We enjoyed exploring the town, taking daytrips to California to see the = majestic redwoods, and other attractions closer to Prot Orford We enjoyed the sumptuous breakfast every morning, sipping OJ while we watched the sea. We especially enjoyed making hot chocolate to take to our cabin, and loved watching movies and listening to the excellent CD collection. We were privileged to share the space with the local deer! This trip has been one of the happiest in our lives, and we look forward to coming back many many times. Thanks for everything!"

  Cameron & Megan, 8.4.12


"Grandiose expectations mark a planned romantic getaway. When expiations are fulfilled the mind is overjoyed. Her heart jumped and her face smiled as we pulled in on Friday. "Cloudy" forecasts were wrong, it was sunny and temperate. The cabin had just enough (can't read) to complement the feel and mood On Saturday I proposed to my now fiancé Crystal in the labyrinth. It was a peaceful time punctuated by a moment of love. Dean and his wife made a great breakfast and accommodated my GF needs. The town was quaint and Cape Blanco was inspiring. When expectations are exceeded, the memories emblaze into the mind. Crystal & I felt the spirit watch us in the form of two hawks which flew close, A blessing. With love."

  Ryan & Crystal 7.29.12


"Thank you so much for the magical stay here at WildSpring. The forest, the view, the hot tub, and the breakfast were wonderful. I can't imagine a better place to spend our mini-honeymoon. Thank you for your incredible attention to detail in making this place wholly romantic in every way. Hope to return again someday!

  Megan & Michael, 7.25.12


"What a magical spot! We spent two wonderful nights here with our teenage daughters and all four of us loved it! The games, the breakfast, the hot tub - were all spectacular. Last night, we discovered the bench below the hot tub and spent a couple of wonderful hours watching the sea & soaking in the sunlight! Thanks for creating such a spot!"

  Sara, Bill, Hannah & Olivia, 7.4.12


"Absolutely beautiful here. Thank you so much for the stay for our honeymoon."

  Alexia & Patrick, 6.2.12


"The sun broke out, a kitty showed up and we got married! Our friends Madeleine & Dave from Bandon took photos and cheered us on. It was a truly special place to share our vows and we feel grateful for the beautiful trees, the filtered light and warm soothing hot tub. I love you David!"

"Zoe my sweet, I love you too. The ceremony was moving for us...and Z, you said it all."

  Zoe & Davie 4.126.12


"I was blessed to help deliver my best friend's baby in Feb of 2009. They gave me a certificate to stay here but due to my busy schedule and not having the right person to share this place with I haven't used it until now. This romantic setting was the perfect place to tell the one I love that we are having a baby. We land in this wonderfully cozy bed dreaming of our future together. I am hoping we can come back for a quick getaway before the baby arrives. We will definitely always remember the night we spent here."

"I will always remember this place! The woman I love and want to spend forever with shared with me that we are going to have a baby! I'm so happy and amazed and overjoyed! I couldn't imagine a more perfect setting in which to be told that my life is going to change in the best possible way. PS That shower is Amazing!"

  Jen & Michael, 4.22.12


"One of the best kept secrets of Curry County! We will be sure to spread the word about this unique, cozy place. Love the antique furnishing and great shower, just to name two. Wonderful time! We shall return! PS so glad we didn't opt out of breakfast...YUMM!"

  Susan & Mark H., Pistol River, OR 4.21.12


"Such a lovely place in such a beautiful part of the was a pleasure to discover WildSpring and we wish you all the best for the future (don't let the town get too overcrowded though...)"

  Matt & Deirdre, London, UK 4.12.12


"To all who enter here after us - may you be as blessed as we have been by God, nature & peace. To Dean & Michelle, thank you for sharing! We pray that you too will continually be blessed here."

  Chuck & Pam, Central Point, OR 3.24.12


"We had a wonderful time...quiet, peaceful and relaxing. Thanks for the hospitality, good breakfast and spectacular views!"

  Jeff & Angela L., Eugene, OR 2.19.12


"Wow! What a gem we have found! It was a surprise getaway planned for my 40th birthday & I had no idea (exactly) where we were going or what to expect. This place is magical and I love all the little surprises & details that have been thought out by the owners. I suspect each visit would be very different & I hope to come back to find out very soon. The fireplace was wonderful & the walk-in shower was divine. I have to say our evening "runs" to the hot tub under the stars was my favorite part. Soooo freezing when we got our before dressing but worth it (and lots of laughs & funny memories, i.e. pants on backwards & scaring each other in the dark). Yummy breakfasts followed by delightful walkabout (& loved the labyrinth!) WildSpring is truly a dream."

  M & E, Napa Valley, CA 1.16.12


"A massage, balmy, sunny day at Cape Blanco, hot tub under a full moon - does it get any better than this? What a quirky, cozy, romantic place this is - we leave Annwyn with many fond memories. Can't wait to tell our friends about it."

  Narcell & Erik, Eugene, OR 1.9.12


"WildSpring was amazing, except for the fact that this pen is running out...."


"WildSpring is an amazing place! What a great place to visit!"

  Jesse, 11.26.11


"Thank you for this place! The grounds and the entire area of WildSpring truly make this place a get away! We loved being able to listen to the ocean as we relaxed in the hot tub and our morning walk was better than any cup of coffee... Annwyn, this little place, has been good to us. The warm fire has been fun, we have felt at home here. This has been a great experience, and a great way to start our lives together! Thank you for welcoming us! All the best"

  William & Katherine C., 11.15.11


"Thank you so much for the opportunity we enjoyed at this beautiful peaceful retreat! The views are breathtaking and the fresh air exhilarating! I have to say this has been the most relaxing vacation we've had because of the peaceful surroundings. The meals at breakfast were delicious and we really appreciated the berry syrup that was served by request at our third day here. Again, thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality! We will definitely be back!"

  Scot & Chandra C, 11.13.11


"We are so happy to return yet once again to WildSpring! It has been several years since discovering heaven in cabin 5, now cabin 3 with a toasty fire! Sublime. From fabulous cotton towels, robes, and real candles to burn, you have provided great touches for our enjoyment. Scrumptious food at our convenience. You have thought of everything! We're happy to find Michelle & Dean still own this luxurious establishment We will recommend this to our special friends and ask them to say hello for us!"

  Steve & Sherry S., Medford, OR 10.16.11


"This is a true RETREAT from the world. Perfectly quiet, surrounded by nature, and yet beautifully comfortable. I hope I can return sometime - it is good for my soul."

  Sheila S., Salem OR 10.8.11


"The epitome of calming and relaxation with luxury thrown in. I enjoyed every moment of my experience here! We all did! Thank you!"

  Ian, Kyle, Andrew, 9.22.11


"Magical, heavenly, breathtaking. And as we southerners say - honey hush... Thank you Dean & Michelle"

  Patsy & Warren, Clemson, SC 9.20.11


"I was excited to bring my wonderful bride of 12 years to your beautiful bed and breakfast. We have been blessed to celebrate our anniversary ('91) at a relaxing and enjoyable retreat. We loved the view from the hot tub. God's blessed you and we're grateful for your hospitality. God Bless!"

  Scott & Michelle R, 9.12.11


"Love the view through the shower window! Thanks,"

  Ginelle & Rusty


"The gentleness of WildSpring seeped through our very beings. Thank you for the opportunity to share your special place with us."

  Ana & Pieta F., Guatamala, 9.16.11


"A word lovingly written lives forever. Thank you for a little peace and beauty in our busy lives."

  Geri, John & Curran, 7.8.11


"I could never begin to tell you how much I enjoyed our stay. This place is so magical, around every bend I found something that made my heart soar. Thank you for sharing this incredible experience with us! Sincerely, we'll be back!"

  Krystal & Jason, 6.21.11


"This place is truly a gem! We are here with 6 other people from New York, all experiencing the Oregon coast for the first time! This place is really magical, and so well kept & thought out! Thanks so much for the experience."

  The Sketchbook Project Staff


"Great place. Detailed oriented owners. Love the cabin! Everything!"

  Jesse & Carolyn R., Wilmington, NC, 5.21.11


"We couldn't have found a lovelier place to stay for our vacation. Everything is perfect here. The breakfasts are amazing & what a view to start the day. We found ourselves at Paula's for dinner every night. Just perfect! Thank you so much!"

  Kelsey & Josh, 4.9.11


"We enjoyed the solitude, the quiet, the aesthetic beauty of the cabin, the weather gods smiled and we had sun for a hike of the coastal trail at Cape Blanco. The hot tub was so welcome after the day's explorations."

  Carolyn & Jerry S., Weare, NH 3.29.11


"This place is beautiful! We spent our wedding night here and I could not have pictured a more gorgeous place!"

  Jeremy & Melissa S., 3.27.11


"A magical place - Powerful. Thank you. We needed some peace, some beauty. A place to breath. Think, fully laugh. WildSpring was all that and so much more. Being here was an honor. We're sad to leave."

  E & C, Los Angeles 3.13.11


"Our stay has been perfect. We were so impressed with everything. You both have put a lot of thought into this place, from the candles, to the robes, wine glasses, and the wood for the fireplace. Everything has been perfect. We loved the atmosphere. Whoever designed and decorated everything did an amazing job. We both want to come back. This is the most memorable place I've stay so far. Thanx for everything. This has been the best Valentine's weekend! Everything was perfect!"

  Chad & Larissa S., Eureka, CA 2.11.11


"Last night while enjoying the spa and the solitude under the stars: I was alone. I felt as a fetus nestled in the womb of this cosmic, spiritual nirvana. As mother earth's breath rose from the ocean, slowly climbing the bluff. I felt my spirit warming inside my body, evanescing, emanating from my fingers, my toes, my eyes. Gently her breath caressed me from my human shell, lifting me upward, like a mist rising in the canyons. My essence was gathering above the spa which gleamed like an emerald eye into the soul. I was drifting into the darkness of the night, out amongst my friends the firs, lifting higher ever so purposefully. Rising above the ferns, into the canopy. Below me I could feel the labyrinth calling to me, beckoning forth my inner energy, my chi. My spirit again began to gather, to intensify, to warm, gradually centering. Warmer and warmer, hotter and hotter, glowing, illuminating, swirling into oneness. Hotter and hotter, brighter and brighter, deeper and deeper, into understanding and purpose. Melting away the shackles of fear and confusion, burning away the reigns of society, the limits of the human self. White hot rays, fingers of pure light began stretching from my center energy, reaching outward and inward. The forest began to warm, to fluoresce. My spirit energy enveloping nature, dissolving boundaries, absorbing into consciousness, into mother earth. She became me, and I here, one. Our awareness is boundless, forever knowing, forever belonging, forever. We are, we're here, we're home. Complete."



"What a unique place - no phones, no TV, no noise. Just us & nature - exactly how we like our vacations! We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this week, & had a wonderful time. What a beautiful lace you have, and a nice area. We've never been to the southern Oregon coast & it is truly gorgeous - rocky, rugged coastline with lots to explore! We'll be back."

  Chris & Sue B., Stayton, OR 1.31.11



"We were so blessed to be able to spend part of our honeymoon in this magical place. You two are truly generous to share this heaven on earth with others. If Oregon has a soul - it is WildSpring! Peace & Joy" ("The homemade marrionberry pie at the Crazy Norwegian is really really really GOOD! Excellent quality!!!")

  Kellie & Jay, Elkton, MD 11.7.10


"Thank you for such an enjoyable and relaxing time here - and also for the excellent recommendation of the Redfish for a wonderful dinner."

  Hilary & Geoffre H., London, UK 10.23.10


"You both have created a whimsical & magical place the two of will never forget! I can't say anything about WildSpring that hasn't already been beautifully said. But I can write to let you know that on our last night here, the last night of our first vacation together after being together for 6 years, we are now engaged. Such as enchanted place will be with me forever and I know we will be back to celebrate each of our anniversaries together. Anything can happen here on a whim - and on 10.21.10 it did...we thank you both for that!! Love Always,"

  Jessie & Joe, Ohio 10-22.10


"A two days bliss! Serene, relaxing and away from the daily hustle and bustle. Thank you for your attention to detail and making our stay so pleasant. Out of this world ---"

  Mariana & Valentine, Wimbledon, Surrey, England 10.2.10


"Peaceful, stunning, and saturated with pure, positive energy. We hope to come back one day. Thanks,"

  Dennis, Wayde, Joyce, Honolulu, HI 9.21.10


"We had a wonderful 3 days! You were so creative in making this very relaxing. Everywhere you look is another surprise to enjoy. Thank you for arranging the massage - a great way to start the journey home. I felt a slight Sedona influence...another favorite place of ours. You guys were great & we're looking forward to our next visit."

  Pam & Ernie, Mesa, AZ 9.20.10


"Sitting outside the "maze" thinking of clever things to write that have all been written before. We (heart) this "Post Ranch style" of paradise. You two did right! The spiritual feel surrounds this oasis of incredible beauty and peace. And not to forget Michelle's cooking! Yum! Yum! And "adult friendly" get-away. The 24-7 kitchen access is a great idea. Thank you both for sharing your dreams with us."

  Rick and Melinda, Santa Barbara, CA 9.10.10


"Today was a very special day for us. Kaelee & I were married here. The Trees, our family of new friends here to share this new journey with us. This place is so beautiful & inspiring it made our day perfect. Thank you."

  Mike & Kaelee E., Oakly, UT 9.5.10


"What a gem! We had a incredible 2 days and wish we could stay 2 weeks! Everything from the comfortable bed to the heavenly breakfast to the tranquility of the setting was absolutely PERFECT. Thanks a million!"

  Aaron & Whitney C., Culver City, CA 9.2.10


"We've had a wonderful time, visiting this lovely spot with such rustic yet modern accommodations. You've done a great job combining the natural surroundings with the cabins. Thank you for a relaxing couple of days."

  The S's, 8.29.10


"WildSpring and you, its creators, are truly inspirational! We had a wonderful couple of days exploring Port Orford and the beautiful grounds here. Thank you for the generous & delicious breakfast, the relaxing spa and the tranquility. The trails at Port Orford Heads have the most stunning views, it's breathtaking to see the ocean through the trees. We enjoyed some wonderful meals at Redfish, Paula's Bistro and Crazy Norwegians. Cape Blanco lighthouse and the Hughes House were very interesting. Thank you so much for all the care you've taken here, your attention to detail in the amenities and surroundings are much appreciated. We especially enjoyed all the sculpture and other touches along the trails. We look forward to returning soon."

  Michele, Georgia & Melissa, Manhattan Beach, CA 8.20.10


"One of the most tranquil places. The quiet was much needed. You have created a magnificent oasis. Absolutely loved the mother deer and her fawn."

  Jeff & Laura, Winterhaven, FL 8.17.10


"What a beautiful setting outside the most charming little town. Love Port Orford and this great little cabin."

  Brad & Karen T. Milwaukee 8.16.10


"Beautiful and serene. Thank you,"

  The B's 10.13.010


"A quick one-night stopover quickly became three nights because we couldn't leave! WildSpring was the perfect place for our post-wedding detox...where we learned ho to relax (and sleep!) again. We will be back!"

  Ryan & Hilary, 8.6.10


"We're been all over the world and WildSpring is at the top of our list. So many thoughtful touches in a one of a kind place. We'll be back."

  Peter & Sarah, Oakland, CA 8.2.10


"Today is our 8th day of our motorbike tour from Seattle to San Francisco. It was mainly cold outside with just some sunny periods. When we entered your resort the sun was shining not only on the sky but in our hearts. The cabin is lovely decorated and you were aware of what your guests needs are. Everything is there. Unfortunately we have to proceed - we would have enjoyed a second and third ay very much to relax."

  Michael, Margrit, Christian & Stafan K., Germany 7.31.10


"Thanks for all the special touches - we had a wonderful family reunion in this spectacular place."

  P, 7.29.10


"Awe - Serenity again! I've been everywhere, I've been nowhere...each time I stay here I feel I have truly arrived. Thank you for fulfilling your dream & sharing it with us - the world. See you next summer!. Peace,"

  Rosalie, 7.23.10


"Perfect retreat again! We love your vision of a peaceful forest. We will be back and stay longer next time!. Thanks,"

  Tish, Thom & Rosalie, Washington, Iowa 7.23.10


"Thank you for the wonderful honeymoon. It was nice to relax in such a peaceful place. We would stay forever but life & kids await us. See you again...Thanks you."

  Mr & Mrs W, 7.3.10


"Had a truly fantastic time! The attention to detail in the cabins and on the grounds is amazing and makes you so very unique. The beautiful setting took our breath away from the first foot out of the ar. Our first visit was marvelous and we look forward to the next. GO DUCKS!"

  Lisa & Stephen B, Portland, OR 1.30.10


"Thank you for a wonderful three days. This far exceeded our expectation. You have put your energy and love into WildSpring. It shows."

  Kenny & Suz., 6.25.10


"What a wonderful place you have created here. I proposed to my now wife here when we were just looking around one day, and we were both very happy to spend our honeymoon here. We can't wait to come back and will absolutely encourage others to visit WildSpring. The extreme care and attention to detail you both have put into the place shows and makes it all that much more special. Thank you for a wonderful four nights. We'll be back!"

  Branden & Megan H., 6.19.10


"We are on a 10-day tour of Oregon from Louisiana. This is a fabulous place. So well planned and thought out. The cabins & Guest Hall are marvelous, along with the hot tub. It is so peaceful and serene. wish we could visit her more often. We will definitely tell our friends to come. It is like heaven on earth."

  Marcel & Linda J, 6.14.10


"From the time I was a little girl I had dreamed of my wedding day. None of those dreams were as spectacular as the real thing. Aside from my husband, you guys really made my dream come to life. It was a fairytale wedding in a fairytale place! Thank you for helping create a memory we will never forget."

  Tyson & Josie S, 5.22.10


"Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful & tranquil property with us. This is the most relaxing place I have ever been. We are planning on coming back next summer for our honeymoon. If anyone is looking for a restaurant with a spectacular view & fabulous food, you need to go to Lord Bennett's in Bandon, Oregon. It was amazing."

  Christina B., Calgary, Alberta, Canada 4.26.10


"Thank you so much for being gracious hosts and sharing your property with us. You thought of absolutely everything. This was the best two nights I've had in years, it won't be easy to leave. I must concur with the 2 themes of your logbook: 1. The property is beautiful & serene. 2. We will be back for another visit. Again, thank you so much."

  Chuck B., Calgary, Alberta, Canada 4.26.10


"What an amazing place, what a spectacular cabin (#3), what an inspiring experience! We both agree that everyone needs to take more time-outs! Time out from work, from electricity, from urban get the idea! Thank you for sharing! thank you for allowing us the chance to feel like kids at camp again!"

  Anne B & Kristian S 3.24.10


"We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The fireplace, the comfortable bed, the intimacy and privacy were perfect. Finding the drive on Elk River Road was a treat, too."

  Bob & Donna S Fairfield, CA 3.21.10


"On a roadtrip from Vancouver --> LA --> Nashville, TN...what a gem we have found here! Immaculate linen, fantastic shower, sumptuous breakfast and charming hospitality...Cannot wait to come back for the labyrinth! Love, Peace and Chicken grease!"

  Lennie, Trevor & Alison, G-P 2.5.10


"Had a truly fantastic time! The attention to detail in the cabins and on the grounds is amazing and makes you so very unique. The beautiful setting took our breath away from the first foot out of the ar. Our first visit was marvelous and we look forward to the next. GO DUCKS!"

  Lisa & Stephen B, Portland, OR 1.30.10



"Had a great time at an idyllic setting. While it wasn't the 'STORM OF THE CENTURY," it was a good one & I can X it of my "bucket list."

  Lee & Shirley 12.30.09


"What a wonderful retreat. The atmosphere here makes time stand still. A peace that is hard to find in this hurried world of ours. May you be blessed."

  Don Sharon G., Crescent City, CA 12.4.09


"Thank you so much for opening up your home to us. It's truly a magical place and we can't wait to come back."

  Brendan & Maureen, Silver Springs, MD 11.16.09


"Thank you for creating such a magical place and for sharing it with others."

  Rick & Debbie 10.25.09


"What a serene & naturally gorgeous place. We felt as if this cabin was put here just for us. Such an intimate setting, and the spa was phenomenal. So sad to leave. after only one night, but we will be back! Thank you for an amazing experience."

  Lacey & Dustin, Wilmington, NC 10.23.09


"Thank you for being wonderful hosts. The cabins and gardens are ideal for a respite from city life &you have thought of every detail to make it a dream vacation, and in our case, a cherished memory of our honeymoon. starting the day with your bountiful delicious homemade breakfast muffins and special of the day & ending the night with a hot soak among stars made us very relaxed and happy. We look forward to returning for a longer visit and will tell friends & family to check it out too."

  Heather & Matt, Brooklyn, NY 10.12.09


"WildSpring, how do you do it? This beautiful, sacred space is perfection! Michelle and Dean have gotten everything right, and what's more, t hey are friendly, aware, lovely people. (A rarer combo than you might think). Waking up in the woods in this beautifully appointed cabin and walking meandering paths past exquisite sculptures on the way to a fabulous, lovingly prepared breakfast overlooking the ocean is a memory we will treasure. We can't wait to come back! Our only regret is not staying longer. thank you, thank you, thank you for living your dream and sharing it with others! We'll be back soon! Namaste"

  Kristen and Josh, Seattle, WA 9.28.09


"In the words of my mom, this place gets everything right. What a great place to bring my mom & dad on their 1st trip to the Pacific Northwest! From the delicious breakfasts overlooking the ocean to relaxing in hammocks to pedicures in the room, we have relaxed, recharged and reconnected in style (with God and each other). We can't wait to come back, but we leave happy and refreshed. Thank you!"

  Ken, Carol and Gabe B, 9.20.09


"This will be night 5 of 9 of our honeymoon down the coast back home to SF. A friend from PDX recommended this place & due to rain we decided to stay here instead of camping at Cape Blanco. So worth it! This place is so cozy & adorable. We each enjoyed a massage before popcorn and drinks on the way down to the beach. We can't wait for the hot tub & breakfast. Can we move in for good? ....... Lovely hospitality! Breakfast was wonderful & we loved the fish & chips and crab melt @ The Crazy Norwegians."

  Karson & Mary S., SF, CA 9.17.09


"A wonderful, peaceful and relaxing retreat. Thank you for sharing. PS. Breakfast was fab!!"

  Lorrain & Alan F, Suffolk, England 9.14.09


"Lush and relaxing. Thank you!"

  Matt & Nancy, PDX, OR 8.29.09


"What a fascinating place - beautiful setting, whimsical sights, delicious breakfast and comfy bed! The hot tub is great - fun looking at stars and satellites. Thank you for the wine glasses in the room. very relaxing setting. PS The chioppino at the little dock eatery at the Port is the best!"

  Ed & Pat, Richland, WA 8.9.09


"This was the best place we've stayed so far! We're on a 10-day vacation and we think this is the most interesting and relaxing. The breakfast was amazing! We all loved how unique this place was. we wish we could stay for longer. We will definitely try to come here again! Thank you for your hospitality."

  The C'-Bs, 8.4.09


"It is a amazing place to sleep and have a nice breakfast in. So wonderful! You are so kind and gentle that we have to come again. Thank you so very much. Love,"

  Stephanie, Michelle, Jens and Monica 8.2.09


"Thank you for creating such a peaceful and serene get-away! You provided an escape for us that was long overdue! Thank you, thank you. We loved our cabin! Love,"

  Carol & Ralph L, Springfield, IL 7.29.09


"Thank you all for a lovely and relaxing holiday. My wife told me this would be a special place, and she was right. You're attention to detail, both in decor and service is remarkable. You have made this a beautiful and restful place. We will tell our friends."

  John & Doris C, Edmunton, Canada 7.15.09


"We had a wonderful experience on our first trip to southern Oregon for 5 days with you. Everything was calm, natural, and beautiful. The nature hike to Cape Blanco on my birthday followed by dinner at Alloro was a treasure we shall always remember, as well as other days horseback riding at Siskiyou West Ranch and on the beach at sunset. Thank you for the beautiful cabin, luscious & sustaining breakfasts, incredible gardens & restoring hot tub. On this our last day, we will walk the labyrinth & leave behind/let go of yet another burden & leave with the peace, just a little lighter for the rest of our journey. Thank you again for the many gifts. Warmly"

  Susan & Jim, Dallas, TX 7.9.09


"Thank you for the wonderful stay. This was my first time here (my parent's second), but we all thoroughly enjoyed it. After three days here it's started to feel like home (crazy wind gusts and all)! We've made countless trips to and fro from the Guest Hall, sat in every sunny chair we could find, and spent evenings in the spa. We all hope to come back again next year. This is a beautiful and deeply magical place, and I feel very intune here. Peace, love and harmony,"

  Natalie, Dwight & Susan, Seattle, WA 6.29.09



  Kelley & Ct F, Birmingham, AL 6.12.09


“Dean, Michelle (and the other two lovely ladies). Thank you. The rest, restoration, and healing from the last few days have soothed both of our souls. We wish we could fit the hot tub in the van, and Michelle to come live with us and make breakfast every morning. Your place is beautiful. Your spirits are delightful and we thank you for sharing it with us.” Gods Grace and Peace”

  Russ & Anita, 3.25.09


“So today is check-out, as I am writing this my “let’s get up and go” husband is still snoozing! The sleep we have gotten here is amazing. I still can’t believe that I got up with the alarm (9 a.m.!), and he’s still in bed! We cam here with no expectations and we are leaving here with smiles in our hearts. Although I am on a cane, I have made small efforts to check out all of the beauty of this property. What fun it is to see all of the buddhas and little things to remind me just to BE while walking around! We had an awesome guided meditation with Michelle and Dean, and even the other cabin couple joined in. My hubby did Tai Chi with Dean one morning and he came back to the cabin just smiling and ready to conquer the world…well, in a good way.:) ! I truly have enjoyed this, and I know that we will definitely be back as soon as we are able. The energy here has brought us such a sense of calm, and we are taking that home with us!”

  Jason & Shannon C, Silverton, OR 3.20.09


“We thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful & peaceful resort!! Thank you for all of the wonderful service!! Many blessings upon you both, as well as on this place & its guests.”

  Nancy & Ken, 2.17.09


“Thank you for the beautiful night. Dinner at Paula’s and a cozy night here. A perfect Valentine get-a-way. Thank you.”

  Matt & Rae, 2.14.09


“Love. Faith. Understanding. Commitment. Enrich. Passion. Tears. Laughter. Forgiveness. Direction. Promise. Hope. Renew. Peace. Friendship. Acceptance. Emotions shared at WildSpring. Magic is created here. A sense of purpose & renewed love. This is our third visit & once again your beautiful haven gave us time to heal. We leave today hand in hand into our future & whatever it holds for us.”

  Vanya & John 1.19.09



“Thank you for sharing this amazing place! The perfect stop on our honeymoon from LA – Seattle. Looking forward to visiting again when we have more time to spend here!!!”

  Julie & Mark, 12.6.08


“We have has a fantastic weekend here with our dear friends, Tom and Teri Sue, who brought us here as our wedding gift. What a sweet spot. Beautifully furnished cabin, fantastic breakfasts, incredible weather (70 degrees in Nov!), and wonderful company. It doesn’t get any better than this. Thank you Michelle and Dean.”

  John & Sharon, Springfield, OR 11.17.08


“WildSpring is a wonderful, quiet respite from a world of turmoil. No politics, no stock market, no crazies. We appreciate the solitude, the setting, the beautiful and our wonderful cabin. A glorious way to spend our 10th Anniversary. Think you or what you have lovingly created.”

  The Ls, Michigan 10.20.08


“Thank you for choosing to share this slice of paradise. Everyone who is lucky enough to enjoy time here, including us, takes all the positive energy that you and Nature have created and shares that with everyone they meet back at home. You’ve offered us an expanding gift – we will share it with equal generosity. We are so grateful to have spent our honeymoon here. What a magical place. All our best,”

  Brooke & Chad, 10.12.08


“To see a World in a grain of sand. And a Heaven in a wild flower. Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand. And Eternity in an hour.” William Blake from Auguries of Innocence. With deep appreciation for the world you’ve created. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.”

  Steve & Diana 8.18.08


“When reserving our room, we only hoped for the experience that you explained on your website. Well, our experience here has exceeded all of our expectations! Thank you for your thoughtful hospitality! PS If you’re looking for an amazing adventure...go down to the beach across the highway and climb up the seastack at sunset! It’s a little scary….but an amazing view!”

  Nicole & Jeremiah, Gulf Breeze, FL 8.29.08


“This has been a wonderful ending to our 10 day vacation in Oregon and Northern California. The hot tub at night was great therapy. We had a great time together as a family. The memories we hade here are priceless. Sincerely.”

  Nancy and Bob T., Grand Rapids, MI 8.21.09


“Wow what a fantastic place this is! It’s so relaxing and all the statues and sculptures make it so unique! We are just passing through on our way down south, and want to take the suede duvet with us – it’s fabulous!! Thank you so much for all the great food and the Hot Fudge Sundae! We will be back! Thanks again,”

  Luce, Richard Annie, Buckinhamshire, England 8.11.08


“This place is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for the night & all of the wonderful things that came with it. We would love to return here for our wedding! It is so beautiful. Thank you again.”

  Shandra & Nic, Roseburg, OR 8.1.08


“The quiet beauty of WildSpring is simply stunning! We are very appreciative of the thought and talent that created such a wonderful retreat. We live in France and are touring Oregon before a family reunion in California… Would love to be able to return…”

  Penny & Mike Ca., La Versinet, France 7.30.08


“The first night of our honeymoon – an escape from the outside world – serene, sacred still – the perfect place to start the rest of our lives together! Thank you for the gracious gift of this lovely evening!”

  Amanda & Chris, M, Austin, TX 7.21.08


“What a beautiful, peaceful place to celebrate our 25th anniversary – and to celebrate all God has given us. WildSpring is a very rare find – a treasure that will linger long in our memories. Thanks Dean & Michelle for creating this unique spot and sharing it with the rest of us.”

  Mark & Henrietta Mentor, OH 7.16.08


“What a blessing to find this tranquil refuge from the storms of everyday life. Our stay here will linger with us as we continue along our path. This place has a truly unique feeling – we’ve stayed in lots of beautiful places, and there is nowhere else quite like WildSpring. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.”

  Jeff & Mara K., Vancouver, Canada


"We came here to relax and “refill our cups.” We have a beautiful 2-yr-old daughter that stayed with her grandparents while we were here. Mission accomplished, we feel great, well rested! Thanks, we will be back!”

  Michael & Alanna, Ashland, OR


“Dear WildSpring! We loved our stay! Just wish we did not have to run off so quickly. Every time you turn round there is another detail waiting for you The moment we saw the spa and lookout last night, we lost our breath. I felt like a little kid at summer camp, so excited to see everything. As we were soaking our tired bodies, we saw a shooting star! How special! I’ve only seen 2 other shooting tars in my 30 years of life! Now your lovely home has been the 3rd. Hope to visit again! Truly.”

  Heather & Chuck, PA 2.16.08


“Once more WildSpring has provided a nocturnal resting place, traveling, arrived after dark and soon to depart on this misty morn. Yet this time is different. I wisely chose to be encouraged by Dean, despite my late arrival, and immersed myself in your warm, protected waters It is an experience I will not fail to enjoy on each subsequent visit! This morning was different, too. I awoke just before first light, sleepy yet mindful of my once-again and soon-to-be delight in watching the atmosphere whiten around the(can’t read). Content to lie in bed, propped now by the pillow, I had a great idea. Why not light the candles and start the fire? That wood-burning fireplace is exactly what drew me to this cabin nearly 3 years ago. And here I was on y third stay without ever having opened the elegant little doors with their (can’ read) glass. Truth be told, I had always assumed there was not enough time to build a proper fire and deal with it before I could sit back and bask in its smoky-smelling warmth. How pleased was I to open the doors finding that proper fire built and waiting for my simple match! Again, I promise myself and al this is wise, good; cozy to light this fire on each and every night and/or morning that I am fortunate enough to find myself in this resting place. With gratitude & appreciation.”

  John K., 1.11.08



“As the world should be! Thank you.”

  Mel, Sally, Payne & Riley, TX 12.29.07


“It is very easy to settle into the quiet of this place. We would love to come back when the outside demands are not so rushed!”

  The G. Family, San Diego, CA 12.23.07


“We have has a very restful, peaceful time in this space. Your attention to detail with aesthetics is very healing & thoughtful. Foncy is a great massage therapist – she intuitively knew what we needed… We are happy we chose your place to celebrate and go on a long overdue honeymoon! 2 little ones @ home & one on the way – we really needed this retreat! We’ll be back.”

  K & J, 12.18.07


“Michelle and Dean have the formula for the soul and the spirit down perfect. My late husband would have loved experiencing this lifestyle. He was with me in spirit.”

  Sandra S, 11.16.07


“The perfect end to our honeymoon & beginning of our new life together. Thank you for creating this unique & magical space. Well be back.”

  Frieda & Greg S., Point Reyes Station, CA 10.17.07


“What a great place! Everything was perfect. As two cooks and foodies, we loved the full kitchen (and great view). Job well done.”

  Angel & Ken 9.30.07


“What an amazing gift – to be able to enjoy this special place – thanks for everything. We will remember this for years.”

  Chris & Kate V., Gold Beach, OR 9.23.07


“WildSpring Guest Habitat – contents and organic - is the autobiography of Dean and Michelle Duarte.”

  Dick & Phyllis F., New Brighton, MN 9.23.07

  “Thanks for making the last two days so memorable.
  Mike M.


“Thank you for bending the rules and allowing us to bring Kaia here. We really enjoyed our short stay with you and all of the enlightening conversation this morning. I knew we needed to be on this road trip intuitively. We hope to return and stay a bit longer. Lots of love!! PS. The labyrinth was just what we needed to start our road trip off this morning.”

  Ashley, Mike & Kaia 9.10.07

  “Our intention voiced here pm 7.19.06 manifested itself this week. We became one with the winds, sun, waves, deer, whales, grouse, osprey, eagles, otters, bears and the beautiful people. WildSpring is the respite needed to renourish our spirit and love. Thank you for the place of opportunity. Love,”
  Maxine & Raoul, 8.25.07


“Yey! We’re engaged! Everything was perfect – thank you for creating this wonderful oasis. We won’t forget our time here and we look forward to coming back. Best”

  Elizabeth & Michael, Brooklyn, NY 8.18.07


“I felt so grateful to be here. The quiet was so needed in our hectic world. We enjoyed our 20 year anniversary & will always remember the peace we felt here. Definitely we will return. Thank you for making our stay perfect!”

  Barbara & Mike, K. 7.29.07


“Thanks so much for the beautiful memory.”

  Cindy, Joey & Sydney, Florida & NY 7.10.07


“In a world of chaos and noise, a place of order and peace.”

  Diane, Victoria BC, Canada 6.8..07


“I love WildSpring. I’ll be back, Michelle & Dean. Love,”

  Diane, Burbank, CA 5.29.07


“We had a wonderful tie and soaked in everything there was to offer. We definitely hope to come back again some day To others that are staying, try the blueberry muffins. We love the crispy tops ? And don’t forget to watch the sunset at Paradise Point.”

  Eric & Cindy S. 5.17.07


“Well... So exquisite, so thoughtfully presented in every way. Thank you for this grand opening. The breeze today is magical. The sky is cloudless. Namaste.



“A well needed break & a wonderful place to take it. Thanks for creating this for others! Cheers”

  Paul & Chris S., Gold Beach., OR 4.11.07


“What a great stop for an Oregon coast tour! So peaceful. The fireplace was perfect. We don’t want to leave but will return some day. Thank you.”

  Mike & Tricia W, Mishauaka, IN 3.7.07



“Thanks so much for creating such a beautiful place for us to enjoy. I discovered your resort when I was panning to return to Port Orford where I grew up almost across the street from this location some 30 years ago. I hope that my brothers & sister will be able to visit & enoy as we did. If any of guys ever make it here, have a wonderful time! I love you Todd Brat, Heidi and Pete!!”

  Cindy & John W., Murieta, CA 10.30.06


“What a wonderful place you have here. I will always remember my stay always & pray for a return trip! As I go down the coast to san Diego, I can only hope our future lodging can come close to this remarkable place. Thanks so much for the memories."

  Lucille L. Boston, MA 10.5.06


“Thanks for making the last two days so memorable. Your ‘quiet’ but spectacular hospitality is unequalled to anything we’ve experienced & the only disappointment is that it’s time to leave… Kudo’s to you Michelle for the fabulous cobbler & Dean…thanks for going “over the top” with the TV/etc. Can’t wait to return.”

  John & Linda, Carmel, CA 9.24.06


“We slept so peacefully – up early and on the road. Thank you Michelle and Dean for your spiritual creation here. Peace & blessing!”

  Rocky & Rich 9.19.06


““A quick note since we must dash, but we thoroughly enjoyed our time here. We roughed it for 2 weeks in Oregon backwoods, so this cabin stay was a nice ending. Thank you for your lovely hospitality.”

  Vanessa R. and Justin C., 9.9.06

  “Our honeymoon stay here was a tremendously beautiful, serene, relaxing experience. Every detail was perfect, from the gorgeously appointed cabin to the phenomenal outdoor spa. We are recharged, rejuvenated and at peace. Thank you!”
  Erin & John P., Boston, MA 9.65.06

  “Time here has gone far too quickly! Loved this sacred, enchanted forest! But though “the words are lovely, dark & deep, I have miles to go & promises to keep before I sleep.” This sanctuary is a place to which to return! I take its peace & tranquility with me. Thank you Michelle & Dean. I appreciate all you have done & continue to do, so that we, your grateful guests, may renew & fill up again. Great blessings to you & through you.”
  Moira F., Redondo Beach, CA 9.3.06

  “The cabin resort provided a serene atmosphere. A wonderful break from the rest of the busy world. There is a lot of detail put into each aspect of the cabins, the atmosphere, the breakfast and the overall setup. The placement of all the notes are very helpful. The staff are very friendly and willing to meet our need of comfort. This being a 9 yr anniversary for my wife and I. It was very pleasurable to have experienced some peace and quiet. Also a great spiritual strength surrounding the facility. Thank you for a great stay.”
  Christopher & Heather D., Salem, OR 8.6.06

  “The quality of silence at the world’s edge is of a nature most unique. It is a silence that clears a place for the soul to reach into the spiritual world. Like the arcing of waves, the silence here, at night, on a calm star-imbued evening, clears a path to thought/thinking. Clear thoughts, like the ordering principle of human life, bring clarity and a sense of purpose. To fulfill one’s destiny is a grace beyond measure. Enjoyed our Stay.”
  Wendy P., 7.23.06

  “We’re here on our honeymoon – just married Saturday. This has been a beautiful getaway and has allowed us time to relax and enjoy each other!! Thank you for the opportunity to visit you here at WildSpring. Good luck & God bless you and keep you safe!!”
  Dale & Brenda B., Cottonwood, CA 7.22.06

  “Thank you for using your spiritual and artistic gifts to meld together the creations of God so that we might feel and be one. We look forward to an extended stay.”
  Maxine & Raul, Orville, CA 7.19.06

  “Our experience here was rejuvenating. Getting away from work and the city, was relaxing. It’s amazing what God’s creations can do to you. Thank you God.”
  Leghan B., 7.17.06

  “Thank you for creating such a beautiful and spiritual retreat. We love our cabin, with all of your decorations and attention to our every need! Breakfast was a special treat and the lotions and robes provided were the best! You have created a restful, spiritual retreat! We are glad we were able to spend two days here. We will return.”
  Joe & Lynn, Newport Beach, CA 7.12.06

  “We really enjoyed looking at the trees & ferns. Each window frames a masterpiece. Great job, everything is perfect. Perfect place to spend my 50th birthday.”
  Dan & Lynn K., Gold Hill, OR 5.22.06

  “You have created a beautiful, restful & bountiful place. We thoroughly enjoyed!! Great jam session – we will be back.”
  Kerry & Gretchen, Portland, OR 5.20.06

  “From the first phone call with Michelle to saying goodbye to Dean after breakfast, we have been enveloped with love. Thank you for this healing, intimate and spiritual experience. We will both keep this is our souls. We know our paths will cross again…”
  “Tama & Steve, Los Angeles, CA 5.14.06

  “Once again, you’ve reminded me of what the “eco” means in ecology! (eco = house). Still no soak for me, but I have something to look forward to next time. It’s always best to leave a special place wanting more time there. So, until next time…”
  Joseph K., 4.28.06

  “The decision to come to WildSpring was utterly spontaneous…validating, yet again, the magic of such swift decisions, guided by feeling, intuition…and fate! From the peace of this cabin, Annwyn, to the restless majesty of Sister Ocean at y our doorstep, this is a wondrous world – a place like none we’ve ever seen. I have two new friends, the greatest gift of all. Our deep thanks and appreciation.”
  Mary M., 4.1.06

  “Such a well-designed retreat – most definitely a “Best Places.” Luxury that is comfortable, serene, thoughtful. Thanks for a lovely stay.”
  Drew & David, 2.06


  “Thank you so much for creative such a peaceful & serene surrounding. We had a wonderful weekend getaway. Good luck in your endeavor – you have put so much thought & love into this place. Much gratitude & thanks.”
  Brian & Jerri G., 11.13.05

  “Everything here is very peaceful and beautiful. We have had the best time escaping the everyday monotony at home. This was a much needed treat. A nice break form reality to bring us back to looking within ourselves. I have very much enjoyed my experience here. Thank you so much!”
  Christine N. 10.9.05

  “Coming from a large city…the overall tranquility of this place put us all in a state of harmony and peace. The best 2 nights of sleep we have had in years.”
  George & Lemilla, Phoenix, AZ 10.9.05

  “Divine feminine. Divine masculine. Divine union. Union. In gratitude & love.”
  Nikita and Cornflower, 9.30.05

  “Sweet sweet sanctuary! As all those before us, we enjoyed our place, these grounds, the Jacuzzi with the spectacular views. Great job…paying attention to all the fine little details. We look forward to our paths crossing once again… Thank you.”
  Shery & Scot, 8.29.05

  “’To a green thought in a green shade’ Lao Tse. We came here to literally rehabilitate. I fell down stairs while preparing for departure to Mexico for vacation. With 3 fractures in 1 leg and a sprain in the other – there was almost nothing I could do…finding this spot brought therapeutic intervention to a therapist & her family. A cool redwood forest to encircle you. A cozy cottage to contain you. Solitude, nature’s finest scenery, inspirational but simple décor, familial companionship all merge into a lovely and legendary visit. Waiting to see what else will unfold. Thank you for your time & talent infused into this setting.”
  Barbara R., San Francisco, CO 8.13.05

  “The Beauty Way. Beauty above you. Beauty below you. May beauty surround you. May you always walk in beauty. – an old Navajo Prayer.
  Juliana N. and Jam M, Petaluma, CA 1.29.06

  “I have really enjoyed being here. Everything was wonderful and I appreciate the special touches you have added to this place. I have been inspired and renewed. I will love to come back again. Thank you.”
  Patrice M., Sumner, WA 7.29.05

  “We really appreciate the love & dedication you’ve infused into the room. With way too hectic a schedule at work, I was hoping to find someplace I might begin to relax. From the moment the car door opened & we were suffused with high-altitude, clean, pine forest air, I hoped my expectations might be surpassed. When I saw the room I was thrilled. Tonight there’s an electrical storm over the ocean…is there any better theatre? We love it. P.S. The fireplace is inordinately cute!”
  Sandi & Chuck R., 7.23.05

  “What an awesome & spiritual place you have created here. We think this is the best place we have stayed (we’ve stayed at several B&Bs). The trees outside all the windows, the décor (I think we are going to recreate this décor in our bedroom!), the atmosphere, all the lovely details, CD, massage table, water bottles, hooks, lovely lamps (I love lamps), throws on couches, etc! I think we will send my parents for a weekend get-away – they would love it as well – it almost makes me cry! Thank you so much.”
  Wes & Mary Ann, Jacksonville, OR 7.18.05

  “WildSpring exceeded all our expectations! The attention to detail, personal touches and extremely comfortable surroundings were the highlight of our entire vacation! It’s a shame there aren’t more places like yours – but then again, it allows us to appreciate you and what you’ve done all that much more. We hope this won’t be our last visit out to see you. All the best!”
  Brian & Kristie, 7.12.05

  “Can’t tell you how much we enjoyed our stay. The accommodations are spectacular. The Atmosphere is perfect. We will be back!”
  Jeff & Margie B. 5.30.05

  “WildSpring is truly a special place! Our two-night stay was so peaceful and enjoyable – the cabin is perfect, the grounds are beautiful, and the Great Hall has everything we might need, plus an incredible ocean view! Thanks so much, we will return.”
  Cathy D. and Ted P., Seattle, WA 4.5.05

  “You have done an excellent job in creating this beautiful place. I have found my niche! I arrived past dark, weary from my work & travels. After eleven hours of deep slumber, I awoke to the easy solitude of fog moving through the tall firs at dawn. While I lament not being able to soak in your tub and enjoy your breakfast, I am better off none the less as I leave this early morn. Until next time.”
  Joseph K., Portland, OR 3.8.05

  “This has been the most relaxing weekend we have ever had. Thank you for all the wonderful touches in our cabin. We hope to be able to come back again."
  Joe & Linda E., Ridgefield, WA 2-19-05

  “Beautiful and peaceful. Thank you for a lovely birthday weekend.”
  Jon & Lynn B. 2.6.0

  “Thank you for such an enjoyable stay. Your cabins are so very beautifully decorated and extremely comfortable. The massages from Foncy were delightful. You really have a gem here on this wooded bluff. Thank you for sharing your sanctuary with us.”
  ana & Marty P., Oceanside, CA 1.1.05


  “What a sweet, lovely & tranquil setting. The cabins are beautiful, the breakfast delicious and the grounds are spiritual. Best of luck in your endeavors. You have truly created a sacred space. Peace.”
  Irene and Kin S., 7.11.04
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