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We need a bigger boat

This book is not about conservation nor eco-practices. It’s not that these activities aren’t valuable, but the real damage here is not because of what we do, it’s because of who we are. This is about how we and the planet and everything around us are linked on an intimate energy level, and to heal the planet, we need to start with ourselves.

This book explores how to find where we are wounded and need to be healed. How to take responsibility for our choices. To understand that our choices create our life, and if enough of us make the same choices, we create a future.

Most importantly, how to make better choices to create a better world.

How the book came to be

I had achieved everything I wanted in my career when I became a Madison Avenue creative director. But after a crazy intense year, I didn't know myself any more. I needed to do something different... more... with my life.

I quit, moved back home to Los Angeles, and was there during the huge Northridge earthquake in 1994. So much destruction. The damage was both overwhelming and chaotic. Crumpled homes next to those untouched. How to make sense of it?

(You can read the whole story in my blog.)

What if, I wondered, there could a friendly visitor from the stars - Eloram - who could take the long view and help us on planet earth make sense of such frightening events around us? And that was the start of a new path. I studied meditation, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, alternative spiritual paths, counseling, quantum physics, comparative religion, New Age mysticism. I even took a two-year accredited course to earn my Masters of Divinity.

Then I fell in love and decided that all things were possible. My new husband, Dean, and I moved up to Port Orford to create WildSpring, and I found the time to finish what I began so long ago.

This book is the culmination of 20 years of work, learning to ask better questions and make better choices.

Photo of We need a bigger boat book cover

(Click to purchase the book at - it's free with KindleUnlimited)

Visit Eloram's blog to continue the conversation.


Imagine a visitor from the stars who dropped by Earth some thousands of years ago. Who was so fascinated by it he decided to hang around and explore.

Imagine he could create a series of lives that he could inhabit, like an actor takes on a series of roles to play, in order to enjoy the life here and learn as much as possible about us.

And imagine he fell so much in love with our beautiful planet...and being human...he wanted to see what happens after we learn how to remake the world around us.

And to help if we screw it up.

At least, that's the hope.

WildSpring has partnered with Native Energy to offset our carbon emissions for a zero carbon footprint, and to support programs helping other organizations do the same.

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WildSpring is an eco-friendly, environmentally sensitive facility
and we invite our guests to honor and protect
this lovely land with us.

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