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Enjoy a massage in the privacy of your own cabin. The masseuse will come to your cabin at your appointment and set up the table that is there.

As a very small facility, we do not have masseuses on staff...and in a very small town of 1200 people our access to special services has please let us know as soon as possible if you would like a massage - and be sure to tell us if you prefer a 60- or 90-min. (Availability is often an issue with short notice, they tend to book up 1 - 2 weeks out.)

FYI...the LMTs in our area will not work after 7:30pm, and we're sorry, but we just don't have the room nor availability to offer couples' simultaneous massages.

60-min massage = $70
90-min massage = $90

The amount will be added to your invoice at checkout (please tip directly if desired). Cancellations require a week's notice. (A group cancellation requires 30-days notice.) If you schedule a massage for the day of arrival, please chose a time you are certain you can make. If you are late, the masseuse will not be able to extend her time to make up for it. These services are for guests only.

Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller
LMT # 15066
Maria Forty
Maria Forty
LMT #16171
"Effective massage encourages the connection and flow between the mind, body and emotions. And, I've found that the benefits of massage are increased circulation and lymph flow, tissue repair, decreased muscle tension, increased range of motion, improved digestion, mental clarity and peace of mind.

"I love massage and bodywork, and continue to further my education as much as possible.

"I practice a variety of techniques, including basic Swedish, deep tissue, foot reflexology and joint mobilization, and have an advanced knowledge of the body’s musculature.

"Your massage must be centered on your needs, and I first work to understand your expectations and preferences so I can provide the greatest benefit and enjoyment for your session."

Tammy Walker
LMT #19251

"Licensed in Traditional Swedish Massage, I am truly compassionate about helping others and believe in the miracles of massage for a healthy alternative to relieve pain and stress.

"I am well versed in anatomy and physiology, kinesiology,, pathology and ethics to name a few. I believe it's important to encompass not only massage skills and techniques but to present to others a strong foundation of ethics so that clients feel they will be treated in a safe matter and gain trust.

"When not working I enjoy riding horses, painting, hiking coastal trails and volunteer work with search and rescue and the fire dept."

"My mission is to restore, inspire, and promote balance and well being.

"No two massage sessions are the same. Together you and I determine how I can best provide support and guide you through and beyond any current discomfort, pain, or limitation. I tend to use the lightest pressure needed to do the job but can give very deep pressure if that’s what you prefer.

"I believe that touch is the most vital aspect of my approach - it promotes relaxation, comfort, and body awareness. Through touch one achieves acceptance of themselves and their body. The benefits are on a physical and emotional level.

"I've found that just one session of massage can have a profound effect on a client’s health and well-being.

"I love my work and I hope that shows."

Gail Dawn
LMT #20084

"I received my first massage at the tender age of 36 for a sprained low back … by the time I was 37 I had gone back to school, gotten my massage license and began my second career, this time as a massage therapist. 26 years later, I can’t imagine my life without practicing massage, it is my profession and a part of my spiritual practice.

"For those who are unfamiliar with massage technique, you can expect a therapeutic and relaxing massage tailored to your needs. For those familiar with massage terminology and technique, my forte is an eclectic blend of Looyen Work, Myofascial Release and Muscle Mobilization. All mixed together they work to engage the parasympathetic nervous system into a relaxed state while still getting the benefits of deeper work without the pain of traditional deep tissue. Combined with the firm long strokes of Swedish my massage incorporates the full body for a complete mind, body and spirit experience."

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