WildSpring spiral


As Covid-19 continues change our world, we are all concerned with maintaining our health and safety, while managing the requirements of our daily lives.

We hope you will consider WildSpring when you decide to travel.

We care about your well-being and our staff’s. We have instituted stringent procedures to keep our facilities clean
and our staff careful and knowledgable
to prevent exposure here.
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Here, there is plenty of room to maintain social distancing, and it’s possible to check in (remotely), pick up your daily ToGo bag of treats, and check out without having to see another person.

Port Orford is a very small fishing town of only 1100 people, with wide open spaces. There are nice options less than a mile away for dining in, Grab n’ Go, Take Out, Take & Bake. We also have a beautifully equipped kitchen in the Guest Hall where you can prepare your own meals, and have charcoal and propane grills available.

Until we all can safely resume our normal lives, please…
stay safe out there.

Our Guest Hall and guest kitchen.

Port Orford Grab ’n Go, Take Out and Take & Bake options.

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